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How to set up Analytics for FTW

This guide describes how to set up analytics for Flex Template for Web (FTW).

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FTW supports tracking page views with pluggable analytics handlers.

Configure Google Analytics ID

Google Analytics (GA) is supported by default. To enable GA, set the GA tracker ID to the environment variable REACT_APP_GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_ID;

Note that the current script expects a Universal Analytics property only tracking ID. If you want to use GA4, you should update the Google Analytics scripts first.

That's it! You're good to go.

Note: Google Analytics doesn't work in hot-loading environment!
GA script is added in server-side setup. You can test it local environment with yarn run dev-server.

Optional: Use a custom analytics handler

If you want to add a new analytics library, you can do as follows:

1. Add the analytics library script

If the analytics library has an external script, add the library script tag to the public/index.html file. If you need more control, see how the GA script is added in server/renderer.js.

2. Create a handler

To track page views, create a custom handler e.g. in src/analytics/handlers.js. The handler should be a class that implements a trackPageView(url) method.

Note that the url parameter might not be the same as in the URL bar of the browser. It is the canonical form of the URL. For example, in the listing page it doesn't have the dynamic title slug in the middle. This allows unified analytics and correct tracking of pages that can be accessed from multiple different URLs.

If your analytics library takes the page URL from the browser, you might need to override that behavior to use the canonical URL that is given to the method.

3. Initialise the handler

Initialise the handler in the setupAnalyticsHandlers() function in src/index.js.