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Monitor marketplace conversations with Marketbase
Monitor marketplace conversations with Marketbase

Prevent disintermediation and abuse in messages sent on your marketplace.

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Marketbase and other third-party integrations are available in the "Pro", "Launch" (legacy) and "Extend" plans. See details on Sharetribe's pricing.

Marketbase is a no-code tool for monitoring messages on your marketplace. It can help you combat platform leakage and flag inappropriate language in messaging.

You can monitor for problem behaviors in Console by reviewing messages in your Manage > Transactions tab. However, if you have lots of transactions with long conversation threads between your users, this can be tedious to do manually.

This is where Marketbase comes in. It monitors the conversations in your marketplace and notifies you whenever there's an attempt at disintermediation. It also automatically identifies other types of problematic content in messages.

How to take it into use

First, you should sign up for a free Marketbase account on Marketbase's website. Marketbase offers a free tier processing up to 500 messages per month.

Create a workspace in your account. Then, you'll have a "sandbox" and "live" environment in Marketbase.

The sandbox environment has dummy data to show how Markebase works. You can also connect your Sharetribe Test environment to it if you want to play around with your own test data.

The "live" environment in Marketbase will not have any data to start. You should sync your Sharetribe Live environment data with this Marketbase environment to start monitoring your real message.

You'll need to create an application in Sharetribe to connect your marketplace to Marketbase.

    1. Good to check that you are in your Live environment, as you likely want your real data for reporting and analysis.

  1. Click on “+ Add a new application”

  2. Give the application a descriptive name (like Marketbase), and select ‘Integration API’.

  3. Click ‘Add application’.

  4. Important: Copy and paste the Client ID and Client secret to a safe place, like a password manager.

    1. Think of the Client ID and secret as a sort of password to your marketplace that can be used through other services. Note that you won’t be able to ever see the Client secret to this application again in the Console under any circumstances. Make sure you copy it to a secure place. If you lose it, you will need to create a new application.

With your keys, go back to Marketbase:

  1. Navigate to "Settings" from the top bar

  2. In the Integrations menu, press "+ Add integration"

  3. Select Sharetribe

  4. Label your integration and paste your Client ID and Client Secret into the respective fields

Now your marketplace data is syncing to Marketbase. You should start seeing it within a few minutes in the "Inbox" tab.

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