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Build analytics dashboards with Lemonado
Build analytics dashboards with Lemonado

Sync and analyze your data without code and build dashboards for you and your providers.

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Lemonado and other third-party integrations are available in the "Pro", "Launch" (legacy) and "Extend" plans. See details on Sharetribe's pricing.

Lemonado is a no-code data dashboard-building tool. The folks at Lemonado have developed functionality specific to Sharetribe so that marketplace founders can easily analyze their data.

You can analyze your marketplace data without Lemonado, but it is more challenging. It requires that you build spreadsheets and manually upload data using CSV exports or build a data pipeline programmatically via APIs. Lemonado makes it easier by giving you no-code tools to build an analytics dashboard and the capability to sync with your marketplace database out of the box.

With Lemonado, you can connect directly to your Sharetribe marketplace and sync data automatically without coding. You can then extract extended data into unique columns and use it in your analysis, compute new values like commission revenue, or combine different types of data, like listings and transactions, for deeper insights.

How to take Lemonado into use

First, you should sign up for a free trial on Lemonado's website. Lemonado offers a 14-day free trial you can use to try it out.

With your Lemonado account, you can start to sync your marketplace data there.

    1. Good to check that you are in your Live environment, as you likely want your real data for reporting and analysis.

  1. Click on “+ Add a new application”

  2. Give the application a descriptive name (like Lemonado), and select ‘Integration API’.

  3. Click ‘Add application’.

  4. Important: Copy and paste the Client ID and Client secret to a safe place, like a password manager.

    1. Think of the Client ID and secret as a sort of password to your marketplace that can be used through other services. Note that you won’t be able to ever see the Client secret to this application again in the Console under any circumstances. Make sure you copy it to a secure place. If you lose it, you will need to create a new application.

  1. Go to Data view

  2. Select "Sharetribe"

  3. Paste your Client ID and Client Secret credentials

  4. Sync

Your marketplace is now connected to Lemonado!

Additional resources

Lemonado has a few additional resources Sharetribe operators can use:

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