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Share your listings on social media with ShopSync
Share your listings on social media with ShopSync

Sync your listing data with social media shops to drive customers to your marketplace.

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ShopSync and other third-party integrations are available in the "Pro", "Launch" (legacy) and "Extend" plans. See details on Sharetribe's pricing.

Shopsync is a no-code tool to upload and sync your marketplace listings with social media shops. Social media is an important channel for growing your marketplace, so keeping your listing inventory up-to-date there is a useful tactic for driving more customers to your providers.

ShopSync integrates with Meta (Facebook and Instagram shops), Pinterest, and Google Merchant Center, with which you can advertise on the Google search page and YouTube.

How to take ShopSync into use

First, you should create an account with ShopSync on their website. ShopSync does not offer a free trial. Their pricing is based on how many platforms you want to upload and sync your listings with.

After creating an account with your email, you input your marketplace URL, and then select what type of marketplace you have. You'll be recommended platforms based on your selection and the advertising rules of the platform.

ShopSync cannot sync listings for booking a service or making a rental due to limitations about advertising bookable services or rentals on these social media platforms. However, physical product listings as well as digital product listings can be uploaded and synced using the platform.

After selecting the platforms you want to use (you can always add/remove them later), you'll pay. Then you will be asked to add your marketplace Client ID and Client Secret.

To generate these, go to Sharetribe Console:

    1. Good to check that you are in your Live environment, as you likely want your real listings synced.

  1. Click on “+ Add a new application”

  2. Give the application a descriptive name (like ShopSync), and select ‘Integration API’.

  3. Click ‘Add application’.

  4. Important: Copy and paste the Client ID and Client secret to a safe place, like a password manager.

    1. Think of the Client ID and secret as a sort of password to your marketplace that can be used through other services. Note that you won’t be able to ever see the Client secret to this application again in the Console under any circumstances. Make sure you copy it to a secure place. If you lose it, you will need to create a new application.

Paste the keys into ShopSync. Your marketplace is now connected to ShopSync!

Next, connect your ShopSync account to different social media shops to start automatically uploading and syncing your listings there. ShopSync provides instructions on how to do so from each setup tab.

Additional resources

ShopSync has a few additional resources Sharetribe operators can use:

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