8. Edit Privacy Policy

Every marketplace needs to have a Privacy Policy that its users accept when joining.

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The Privacy Policy page is for disclosing all of the ways your marketplace gathers, uses, and manages the user data you collect. This is final required page on your marketplace, as users must agree to your Privacy Policy when signing up and creating an account. A comprehensive template makes it easy to get started.

Adding Privacy Policy

Start by going to Content > Pages, and click "privacy-policy".

If you press "View page" or review the content inside the "privacy-policy" section, you will notice there is no Privacy Policy included. Like with the Terms of Service, Sharetribe provides a template that, after some adjustments, will work just fine for starting our marketplace. We will plan on reviewing this policy later after launching and establishing our marketplace.

We can find the template Terms of Service this Google Docs document. To learn more about how this template was created, you can read this article. Let's focus here on copying this template text into our marketplace page.

Here are the steps you should take:

  • Open the “privacy-policy” article.

  • Open the “privacy-policy” block.

  • Remove the default content from the “Text content” text area.

  • Select and copy all the content in the Google Docs template, except the disclaimer (start from "Privacy Policy").

  • Paste the content into the “Text content” text area of the “privacy-policy” block.

Press "Save changes". Now we have the template policy in our marketplace, but we need to adjust them to be about our marketplace.

Personalizing the Privacy Policy

Like the Terms template, you'll notice that need fill in certain information. All the information you should fill in is marked "{{-- INSERT HERE XXX --}}".

Let's make these adjustments:

  • Click into the "Text content" text area of the "privacy-policy" block

  • Use the search feature in your browser to find all variables we need to replace. Press CMD+F on Mac or Cntrl+F on Windows and search for "{{-- INSERT HERE"

  • Go through each variable and update with your information. You will be updating with today's date, marketplace name, and contact details.

So far, you may have been using Biketribe information like logo or listing fields as you follow along. We suggest diverting from this practice here and updating your policy with the most accurate information you have at the moment.

Save the changes. You can validate how the page looks by clicking on the "View page" in the top right corner of the editing page.

Next: Launch!

With our Privacy Policy set, our marketplace is now ready to be launched to real users! We configured or reviewed the most important settings and features necessary for our marketplace to operate. It is now time to take the hardest step and launch our marketplace to the world, bringing on early users so that we can learn more about what works and what needs improving to serve our target niche.

To start processing real transactions and possibly connect your marketplace with your own domain (like www.example.com) and launch it to real users, you need a Live environment. To get a Live environment, you need to initiate a paid Sharetribe subscription.

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