6. Edit or remove the About page

You can have any number of content pages. In this step you'll learn more about them.

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The default About page in your marketplace is an example of a custom content page built with Pages. You can add up to 1000 unique content pages with Pages. You can create a variety of different things with it, from informational pages to a simple help center or a simple blog.

As you already learned how to edit content pages in the previous tutorial step, we won't go through that again in this article. You can use all those same tools for editing your About page and other content pages.

In general, we do recommend having an About page, as it's a great way for people to learn more about you. However, in this tutorial we want to get to a state where we can launch our marketplace as fast as possible, so we're going to simply remove the About page.

Review the default About page

Start by going to Content > Pages, and click "about".

You'll note that there this page is structured differently than the landing page. The "hero" section uses the Article section template, which lays content in a single column on the screen to make space for longer texts. This makes sense, since our About page is about telling our story.

The "team" section, meanwhile, showcases an imaginary team to highlight. Here, a unique content block is used for each team member. We can use images and texts to show who they are and what they do. The Columns section template lays this visual and text information out efficiently.

Remove the About page

There are three content pages in your marketplace that you can't remove: Landing page, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy. All other content pages can be freely removed. Let's do this for our About page in this tutorial.

Back in the Pages editor (Content > Pages), click on the 3 dot menu next to "about" tile. Press "Delete page..." and confirm. The page has now been removed.

Next: Review the Terms of Service

It is time to get into the legal pages of our marketplace. The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are two required content pages that disclose important information to users when they create an account. Sharetribe makes available templates for these pages that should work for most marketplaces starting out. The following tutorials will show you how to access and edit these templates.

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