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What are the most important things to review before going live
What are the most important things to review before going live

The settings and content to review before launching your marketplace.

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When you create a Sharetribe account, a marketplace is created for you. The marketplace has pre-configured settings that match as closely as possible the needs you mentioned during setup. The marketplace also comes with default content, including generic branding and texts.

You should review these settings and content, changing them if need be, as you build your marketplace. The following article mentions the most common configurations and content areas to check.

Visual appearance

A Sharetribe marketplace starts with generic branding. You can set up your marketplace with your branding and visual style at Design > Branding. You should:

  • Change the generic logo.

  • Apply your branding by changing the default images and marketplace colors.

  • Change the generic default background image and social media images.

  • Change the generic favicon and app icon.

We share some tips about how to get good-looking images in this article of our help center.

Content pages and texts

A Sharetribe marketplace starts with generic words and phrases that are not specific to any marketplace theme. You should build your own messaging in the following ways:


A Sharetribe marketplace starts with a few example fields and filters. Update the listing page, search page, and listing wizard to suit what your providers are offering on your marketplace with the following steps:


How transactions happen on your marketplace is determined by the Marketplace type you select during signup and the Listing types that you add through. Review your listing types and ensure you are using the right transaction process for your marketplace.

Ready to launch

Once your content, style, listings, and transactions work as you need, then you may be ready to launch. Launching to your users requires purchasing a subscription for a Live environment, which you can learn how to set up here.

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