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Marketplace texts: taking keys from a new release into use
Marketplace texts: taking keys from a new release into use

Sometimes new releases to Sharetribe introduce new keys for marketplace texts. This article teaches you how to start using them.

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Many Sharetribe feature releases include new user interface elements in your marketplace with default English texts. If you'd like to use the new feature but are not happy with the default texts because your marketplace is in a different language or you would otherwise prefer a different vocabulary, you can change them with Marketplace texts. However, the new key-value pairs don't appear automatically in your editor. Instead, you need to add them there manually.

This document contains all the new and updated key-value pairs. For example, let's say that there's a new release that introduces the following two key-value pairs.

"ExamplePage.NewKey1": "New value 1",

"ExamplePage.NewKey2": "New value 2",

To edit these texts, you first need to copy the key-value pairs and paste them to Marketplace texts at the very beginning of the file but after "{", like the screenshots below illustrate.



You can then modify the values to your liking:

Remember to save your changes when you're done.

If the new release includes updated keys, you should use the search functionality of Marketplace texts to find the old keys and replace them with the new keys. If the new release includes deleted keys, you don't need to do anything, but if you want, you can find and remove those keys from your Marketplace texts, too, as they won't be used anymore in your marketplace.

If you created your Sharetribe account after any of the below-mentioned release dates, then updating your Marketplace texts with the new keys from the respective release is not necessary.

Previous releases

Release: Social logins - Coming soon!

New keys

"AuthenticationPage.idpAuthFailed": "Failed to authenticate with an external identity provider.",
"TopbarDesktop.LinksMenu.all": "Menu",
"TopbarDesktop.LinksMenu.more": "More",

Updated keys

"AuthenticationPage.loginWithFacebook": "Continue with Facebook",
"AuthenticationPage.loginWithGoogle": "Continue with Google",
"AuthenticationPage.signupWithFacebook": "Continue with Facebook",
"AuthenticationPage.signupWithGoogle": "Continue with Google",

Release: User fields - April 24th, 2024

New keys

"ProfilePage.detailNo": "No",
"ProfilePage.detailYes": "Yes",
"ProfilePage.detailsTitle": "Details",

Release: Top bar links - March 15th, 2024

New keys

"TopbarDesktop.LinksMenu.all": "Menu", 
"TopbarDesktop.LinksMenu.more": "More",

Release: Display & disable default fields - February 14th, 2024

New keys

"CheckoutPage.destinationAccountNotCompleteStripeError": "This listing is currently unavailable because the listing author's payout information is incomplete. Your card hasn't been charged. Please contact support.", 
"ListingPage.addPayoutDetails": "Add payout details",
"ListingPage.addPayoutDetailsMessage": "Please add your payout details to start accepting orders.", "ListingPage.payoutDetailsWarning": "This listing is not available {processType, select, booking {for booking} other {for purchase}}. You have not added your payout details yet.",
"ListingPage.payoutDetailsWarningLink": "Add your payout details", "ProductOrderForm.ownListing": "This is your own listing.", "EditListingPricingAndStockForm.updateToInfinite": "Update the stock of this listing to infinite", "EditListingPricingAndStockForm.updateToInfiniteInfo": "<b>The stock type of this listing type has changed.</b> The stock of this listing is currently {currentStock}, but listings in this listing type should now have infinite stock.",
"EditListingPricingAndStockForm.updateToInfiniteRequired": "You need to update the stock of this listing to infinite to save changes.",

Updated keys

"TransactionPage.ActivityFeed.default-purchase.delivered": "{deliveryMethod, select, shipping {The listing was shipped.} other {The listing was delivered.}}",
"TransactionPage.default-purchase.customer.purchased.extraInfo": "{deliveryMethod, select, shipping {You'll be notified when {providerName} ships the item.} other {Use the chat function below to agree on a time for pickup.}}",
"CheckoutPage.providerStripeAccountMissingError": "This listing is currently unavailable because the listing author hasn't added their payout details yet. Please contact support.", "EditListingPricingAndStockForm.oldStockTotalWasOutOfSync": "Oops, the stock of this listing is out of sync. Someone might just have bought this item. Please refresh the page and try again.",
"": "Next", "": "Next", "": "Next", "": "Publish listing", "": "Next", "": "Next", "": "Next", "": "Next", "": "Publish listing", "": "Next", "": "Next", "": "Next", "": "Publish listing", "": "Next",

Release: Customer commission - February 7th, 2024

New keys

"OrderBreakdown.commission": "{role, select, customer {{marketplaceName} fee *} provider {{marketplaceName} fee *} other {}}",

Updated keys

"OrderBreakdown.commission": "{marketplaceName} fee"

Release: Multiple listing types - September 27th, 2023

New keys

"ManageListingsPage.createListing": "Post a new listing",
"SearchPage.createListing": "Post a new listing",
"CheckoutPageWithInquiryProcess.initiateInquiryError": "Oops, something went wrong. Please try again. If the problem persists, contact support.",
"CheckoutPageWithInquiryProcess.initiateInquiryErrorNoProcess": "Oops, no transaction process attached to the listing. Please contact support",

Release: Free messaging process - September 19th, 2023

New keys

"CheckoutPage.default-inquiry.orderBreakdown": "Order breakdown",
"CheckoutPage.default-inquiry.title": "Send an inquiry to {authorDisplayName}",
"CheckoutPageWithInquiryProcess.messageLabel": "Inquiry message",
"CheckoutPageWithInquiryProcess.messagePlaceholder": "Hello there! I'm interested in…",
"CheckoutPageWithInquiryProcess.messageRequired": "Message is required.",
"CheckoutPageWithInquiryProcess.perUnit": "{unitType, select, day {per day} night {per night} hour {per hour} other {}}",
"CheckoutPageWithInquiryProcess.submitButtonText": "Send inquiry",
"": "Next: Location",
"": "Next: Pricing",
"": "Next: Photos",
"": "Publish listing",
"": "Next: Photos",
"": "Free inquiry",
"InquiryWithoutPaymentForm.ctaButton": "Send an inquiry",
"OrderPanel.ctaButtonMessageInquiry": "Send an inquiry",
"SortBy.newest": "Newest",
"SortBy.oldest": "Oldest",
"SortBy.lowestPrice": "Lowest price",
"SortBy.highestPrice": "Highest price",
"SortBy.relevance": "Relevance",
"SortBy.relevanceLong": "Relevance (Keyword search)",
"": "{actor, select, you {You started a conversation.} other {{otherUsersName} started a conversation.}}",
"": "You sent an inquiry.",
"": "You received an inquiry from {customerName}.",
"TransactionPanel.conversationHeading": "Conversation",
"TransactionPanel.inquiryMessageHeading": "Inquiry message",

Updated keys

"EditListingPricingForm.pricePerProduct": "Price {unitType, select, day {per day} night {per night} hour {per hour} other {}}"

Deleted keys

"ModalMissingInformation.gotoPaymentSettings": "Add payment details",
"ModalMissingInformation.missingStripeAccountText": "You have listings but your payment details are missing. Your listings are not available until payment details are saved.",
"ModalMissingInformation.missingStripeAccountTitle": "Payment details missing",
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