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Login as a user
Login as a user

Here you can find out how to log in on behalf of another marketplace user.

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Login as another user

As a marketplace operator of a Sharetribe marketplace, you have the ability to log in on behalf of your marketplace's users. This feature is useful for understanding the user experience, solving reported problems, and helping users edit their listings or user profiles. For example, you can log in as a new provider and use the feature to help them complete their first listing on the marketplace to make their onboarding experience extra smooth.

There are certain things you cannot do when using the marketplace in this way. For a provider, you cannot change the user's payout details, send messages to other users, or interact with ongoing transactions. You can only interact with ongoing transactions when you have an operator transition in the transaction process like you do in the default product purchase process. You also cannot make purchases when logged in as another user.

How to use the "Login as user" feature

The way you can log in as a user is through Console. From there, you can access the user list from the "Users" menu in the "Manage" section of the sidebar navigation (1). You can then search for the user you want to log in as (2) or select them from the user list. When you are viewing their profile card, click on the three dots near the user's profile picture (3), and from there, you can select the "Log in as user" option (4).

This takes you to the marketplace front page, logged in as the user you were viewing. You will see a banner at the top that reminds you of who you're logged in as (5), and that you have limited rights. From here, you can for instance create a listing on behalf of a user (6), enter their inbox (7), and access their profile and account settings (8). Aside from the limitations mentioned earlier, all these functions work as they would when you are logged in normally on the marketplace.

Click below for screenshots showing the two parts of the process.

Steps to access the feature from Console

View as the logged-in user on the marketplace

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