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What Are User Journeys?

A user journey map illustrates the step by step process that users take to complete a task. The Flex user journeys answer the question "How do users use the marketplace?"

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What are User Journeys?

User journey mapping is a simple but powerful tool that helps you understand and plan how users interact with your marketplace and how they will do business on your marketplace. The User Journey maps the distinct steps a user must take to accomplish a certain goal - for example, booking a yoga lesson.

Building your custom marketplace starts with defining the user journey through your marketplace; how providers and customers use your marketplace illustrates the platform you’re building.

Customer (buyer) - A user who registers to a marketplace to make purchases.

Provider (seller) - A user who sells or rents their products or services on a marketplace.

The User Journeys for Flex Templates

The Flex User Journeys will introduce you to the three different marketplace templates - Saunatime, Yogatime and Sneakertime - and their User Journeys.

Flex Templates for Web are the starting point for building your custom marketplace with Flex. There are three templates from which you can choose the one closest to your marketplace idea. The templates are open-sourced website applications that developers can modify per your unique requirements. The result is a custom-built marketplace without the cost or time required to build it from scratch.

Saunatime is a great starting point for building rental marketplaces. Saunatime providers list saunas for rent by day. Sauna lovers can search saunas by location and book saunas by day using an availability calendar.

Yogatime is a marketplace for service providers–in this example case Yoga teachers–to create profile listings advertising their teaching practice. Customers can book hourly sessions from these teachers’ availability calendars. Since Yogatime uses time based availability, rather than day based availability like Saunatime, it is also a good starting point for marketplaces where bookings are made with time units smaller than days.

Sneakertime is designed to be a starting point for marketplaces where products are bought and sold. Sellers list their products–in this case sneakers–and manage inventory and fulfilment. Customers find, purchase, and review sneakers and sellers.