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Design files

Wireframes and complete design files in mobile and desktop layout for Flex Template for Web.

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FTW in Sketch

Saunatime Flex Template for Web (FTW) designs are available as Sketch files. The design files include complete designs for FTW desktop and mobile, as well as wireframes for FTW desktop. You can use these files as the basis for your own designs. This approach can dramatically speed up the design process, and it offers an easy starting point for the developers.


Wireframes are an excellent tool to design your marketplace at the structural level. They are most often used to arrange content and functionality and establish the basic structure of a page before moving on to designing visual elements. Wireframes for our desktop layout are available as Sketch files below.

Design files

Sharetribe offers three templates: one for daily bookings (e.g. booking saunas or hiking tours), one for hourly bookings (e.g. booking yoga lessons or renting kayaks), and one for product marketplaces (e.g. selling and buying sneakers). The main difference between the daily and hourly templates is the booking calendar, but also the outlooks differ to show some of the flexibility that Flex offers. Both the hourly and daily templates are provided in desktop and mobile layouts. The designs are provided as .sketch files, which can be opened using the Sketch vector graphics editor. Some other design tools such as Adobe XD and Photoshop also offer support for designs in the .sketch file format.

Once you have the design files installed, you can start working on customizing the design to match the visual identity of your marketplace. Not only should you concentrate on how your marketplace should look like, but also on what kind of user interfaces are required for your users to interact with each other.

If you don't want to do the design work yourself, you can always hire a designer to do it for you. If you don't know any designers, contact Sharetribe support and we'll connect you to a designer who can help you out.


Access design files in Google Drive.

Or download directly:

FTW daily

FTW hourly

FTW product

The design files can be used according to Creative Commons licence. The files can also be opened with Adobe XD and Figma. The font used is Poppins, which can be downloaded through Adobe Fonts or through Google Fonts.

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