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How to invite other organization members to your marketplace
How to invite other organization members to your marketplace

You can give other people access to your Console by inviting them as Operators.

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If you're not building your marketplace by yourself, you likely want to give other people access to your Console. These might include your co-founders, staff members, or external developers.

To give other people access, click your email address at the bottom left of Console, and then click "Manage organization members" from the menu that opens up.

You will end up with a page that allows you to invite new members to your marketplace organization. Each new member will become an Operator, get access to all your environments, and can freely edit their content and configurations.

There are two different roles for organization members:

  • Owner. Owners have the most power: they can invite other admin users or revoke their access. If you created the marketplace, you have an Owner account. By default, there's only one owner. If you'd like to change the Owner or add new Owners, contact the Sharetribe team using the messaging widget in the bottom right of your Console.

  • Operator. When you invite a new admin user, they are assigned the role of an operator. Operators have the same permission levels as Owners, except that they cannot invite new members to join the organization.

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