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How to track your marketplace traffic with Google Analytics
How to track your marketplace traffic with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the industry leader for understanding your marketplace traffic

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Google Analytics is a web analytics tool. You can use it to understand who is visiting your marketplace, what pages are they visiting, how often are they visiting those pages, and a lot more.

Note that Google Analytics is not GDPR compliant. If you are a marketplace business in the EU, consider using GDPR-compliant Plausbile as your analytics service. You can learn more about tracking your marketplace traffic with Plausible in this article.

How to create a Google Analytics account

  1. Log in with your Google account or create a new one

  2. Go to "Admin" from the bottom left corner and select "+ Create Account" from the top of the first column

  3. Input an account name and review the data-sharing settings, then click "Next"

  4. Name your property and review the details (country, report timezone, ...)

  5. If you want to, answer some business questions, then click "Create"

  6. Accept Google's Terms of Service and Data Processing Terms

  7. Choose "Web" as the platform to collect data from

  8. Add your marketplace website URL and name this data stream

  9. Disable "Enhanced measurement" as this can break in-app navigation

  10. Click "Create stream"

  11. On the "Web stream details", from the "Stream details" section, copy the "Measurement ID": it should be in the format "G-XXXXXX"

  12. If another layer/screen named "Installation instructions" with details on how to "Install your Google tag" opened, you can close it

Your Google Analytics account is now created, and you have your tracking ID. Next up, add it in Console to your marketplace to track traffic.

How to add your Google Analytics Tracking ID to your Sharetribe marketplace in Console

  1. Log in to Console

  2. Go to "Integrations -> Analytics"

  3. Check "Google Analytics"

  4. Paste the "Measurement ID" you copied earlier into the "Google Analytics Measurement ID" field

  5. Save changes

Voilà! Your marketplace traffic is now tracked with Google Analytics! Traffic from your marketplace will start to appear within 24 hours in your Google Analytics account, and you should already be able to view some from the Realtime report in your Google Analytics account.

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