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How to set up your Live marketplace
How to set up your Live marketplace

After subscribing you can configure location services, payment provider and possibly your domain and sender email in your Live environment.

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A Live marketplace is your actual marketplace, where real users sign up, and real money payments occur. The Live environment you created in Console after subscribing comes connected to a Live marketplace.
You need to complete a few steps to make your Live marketplace ready for its first users. To finalize the setup of your Live marketplace, follow the steps and instructions below.

Custom-coded marketplaces follow different steps to set up their Live environment and marketplace. Please follow the steps in our technical documentation to configure and deploy your custom marketplace.

To configure your Live environment:

  1. Connect Mapbox or Google Maps as your location service provider (mandatory if you use location features)

  2. Connect your Stripe account (mandatory if you want to have online payments)

  3. Connect your custom domain to your marketplace (optional, plan-dependent)

  4. Connect your outgoing email with your marketplace (optional, plan-dependent)

Note that the reason you need to configure these things now is that you are launching your actual marketplace, which needs to be connected to your own services for you to have full control. In the Test environment, Sharetribe's credentials are used to make it easier and faster to build and test how things work.

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