Custom Landing Page - i18n

checking the custom landing page structure (json) I would like to know what the best approach to deliver a localized custom landing page?
Our marketplace is available in 4 languages, but:

  1. how can we define translated text (for example, section info_multi_column, property button_title) ?
  2. is the landing page controller able to deliver the localized version depending of request.env[:locale] or user.locale (if logged in user)

Many thx for your time and help

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Any help or clue to setup custom landing pages for each languages we activate on our marketplace?

I don’t have any tip to share but I’m curious, too, to hear if someone has built this feature. This is not something we are working on for Go, but if someone has some experience, I hope they’ll share it :slight_smile:

@thomasmalbaux in fact there is nobody who use the custom landing page editor to build localized homepage? Or am I missing something?
In sharetribe Go, even in hosted version, how could json landing page data be used to build homepage?

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By default, Custom Landing Pages in Sharetribe Go can be in only one language. We (Sharetribe) haven’t built it to support multiple languages (yet).

I’m not aware of anyone who has built, with the Community Edition, support for multiple languages there, but if someone has, hopefully they’ll share their experience here :slight_smile:

Hi Thomas,

indeed it would be very great to have the landing page with an option for different languages.

It’s a little strange to not have this option in here by now.


I feel a multi-language feature is an overvalued feature. At least at the start, you should follow best practices and build your marketplace to support narrowed-down location rather than the whole world. Indeed, we all dream of becoming a world-wide marketplace and giving our customers marketplace in their native language. But the thing is, to get at that point, you really need to nail one location what means you can and should start with only one language. When the time comes and you really need multiple languages, you should have enough budget to create necessary customizations. Or use a more flexible platform as Flex is. Or building landing pages in some CMS. Please do not get me wrong or offensive by any means. The button line is that multi-level language is not the most prioritized feature, IMO.

Happy building!

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the point is: I have english and german speaking customers already,
now I want to build a marketplace to invite more sellers into my network and serve my clients with more options.

So, I would ‘desperately’ need two languages already at the beginning.

And I think, if you look at opencart, wcfm, or other Saas marketplaces like arcadier, shuup or whatever, they all have multi language support.

Just saying…

I personally would pay, lets say an XX amount, for an advanced sharetribe Go version,
that offers crucial features.

There is a huge lack of crucial features with Go…

There is no ‘stock down’ / out of stock counter, as it seems to me paypal does not work any more and no geo location.

You can get all that with User Review option and a lot more for just 50 bucks with other platforms (addons).

Thanks for the details, Andreas. Good to hear that you have already validated some needs from your customers!

You should of course consider all options: Sharetribe Go CE, Sharetribe Go hosted, Sharetribe Flex but also other services. I hope you’ll find one that works best for you!

Hi, following my previous message, I took time to make custom landing page “localizable”. I pushed the code here (code I will use in production on and in a few days).
Sorry in advance, I’m not a dev expert in RoR. Maybe some best practices or syntaxe are not optimal but it does the job and could help someone there.

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Hey Olivier,

super nice of you to share your work! I’m sure this will help many others.

Thank you, great spirit :slight_smile:

Thx @thomasmalbaux, do you think it worth making a PR ? I’m afraid there would be code improvements to make to comply with OS standards.

I’m not able to comment on the code myself but we’ll discuss it with our team, if this is OK with you. Based on comments from others, I’ll message you to share our opinion. Would that work for you?

Hi @thomasmalbaux I forgot to give you a straight positive answer. But of course please do so!