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Learn how shipping works in listing types using the "Purchase" listing type

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When using the "Purchasing" Listing type or transaction setting, by default there are two delivery methods. You can disable either or both of these delivery methods. Depending on the Listing type settings, the providers have the option to specify how they wish to deliver the listing they are selling. The two delivery methods are:

  • Pickup

  • Shipping

How does the delivery type modify the listing creation form

If both are enabled, the provider can choose the allowed delivery options: shipping, pickup, or both. If only one of them is enabled, the provider will need to specify the one that is enabled before being able to move forward when creating a listing.

Pickup only or chosen by the provider

If pickup is the only delivery method in the listing type or if, as one of the two options, it is selected by the provider, they need to specify an address where buyers can collect the purchased listing.

Shipping only or chosen by the provider

If shipping is the only delivery method in the listing type or if it is one of the two options and it is selected, the provider can define a fixed shipping fee for the item. If the Stock type supports multiple items being purchased, then the provider must set the additional fee to charge for extra items included in the same shipping order. This fee will be added automatically to the purchase price. The shipping address is entered by the customer at the checkout during payment.

How does the shipping fee affect the transaction

Commission and shipping fees

If you charge a commission in your marketplace, this fee only applies to the amount before shipping. However, Stripe's processing fees are taken from the total amount paid, including the shipping fee.

Can the shipping fee be calculated at checkout?

By default, providers can only define a single fixed shipping fee, plus a potential fee for additional items. Implementing a dynamic shipping fee that changes based on the delivery address would require code customization.

Does Sharetribe handle printing shipping labels?

Sharetribe does not have a built-in way of printing shipping labels. Implementing this capability would require code customization and potentially building an integration to a dedicated 3rd party shipping software. This integration would allow providers to manage shipping processes efficiently, including label printing and calculating costs based on the delivery address.

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