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4. Find your listing from the search page
4. Find your listing from the search page

Use your customer account to search and discovery the provider listing.

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In the previous tutorial, we created a second test user account. This will serve as our customer account for testing the search functionalities on the marketplace to locate the listing we created earlier. We will get to see how listings are presented on the marketplace and what options and information customers have when considering a listing.

Using the search page

The search page showcases all published listings that fit the search criteria. Without any criteria, all listings are returned in the order they were created, with listings published most recently appearing first.

In your starting test marketplace, you can access the search page from the homepage by pressing the “Browse listings” call to action button.

Landing page call to action

Your marketplace may have location search enabled, so customers can enter a city, state, country, or street address into the top bar to find listings nearby. Or, your top bar is for keyword search, allowing customers to search by keywords in the top bar to bring up a list of relevant results.

Landing page search

In addition to location or keyword search, customers can narrow results using filters and sorting. They can scan with a map when location is enabled or filter by availability, price, or custom fields. They can sort using price, creation date, or keyword relevance.

Search page

Try out the options available to see if you can find the test listing you created as a provider. Your starting marketplace search page a few of these options that depend on the choices you made when creating your Console account.

Listing page

Clicking on the listing brings you to the listing page. You’ll recognize the details you entered as a provider here, including the listing title, description, image, and “Example option” custom field. You can also see the profile picture (or icon) of the provider.

On the right hand side of the listing, there is an order panel. The options you see depend on the type of listing you created as a provider. In our tutorial example, we created a rental listing, so the order panel lets our customer input the start and end date of the desired booking period.

Listing page

Next steps

We’re ready to start a transaction. The next tutorial walks through how customers start a transaction, how this impacts providers, how both sides interact, and, finally, how reviews conclude the transaction.

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