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Sharetribe's refund policy
Sharetribe's refund policy

By default, Sharetribe does not issue refunds. But we understand that mistakes can happen. Contact our team, and we will review your case.

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Sometimes, things don't go as planned, and you might want to close or pause your marketplace business.

Sharetribe does not issue refunds

Sharetribe does not provide refunds. When you cancel your subscription, your Live marketplace will stay open until the end of the ongoing billing period. However, we understand that mistakes happen. If you believe you have a good reason for us to refund your payment, contact us. We are happy to review and discuss your case.

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Every account comes with the Build plan, which lets you build and test your marketplace using the Test and Dev environments for $29 USD per month. This allows you to explore all the features and workflows of Sharetribe and ensure it's the right fit for your marketplace business.

Payment details are only necessary when you begin a subscription. Please take as much time as you need in the cheaper Build plan to assess all of Sharetribe's capabilities before deciding to go live.

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