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How to configure Google Search Console
How to configure Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a great tool for SEO. These instructions will help you set it up on Sharetribe.

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If you want to verify your marketplace using Google Search Console, you can do it by adding the content of Google's verification tag in Console.

Add your website to Google Search Console

  1. Log in to Google Search Console account with your Google account at

  2. Add a new Property of type "URL prefix"

  3. Follow the instructions to configure your website

  4. When asked to verify the ownership, choose chose "HTML tag" as the verification method

  5. From the "google-site-verification" meta tag that is displayed, copy only the part in "content", not the whole tag. Or if you copy the entire thing, remove everything except the content "key".

    <meta name="google-site-verification" content="H4Nfk56gtFHffz3fM4ekqe9aNTtGwDvTloHHE4FWx2s" />

    If the tag is the one above, you would only copy: H4Nfk56gtFHffz3fM4ekqe9aNTtGwDvTloHHE4FWx2s

Add the content of the Google Search Console verification tag to your marketplace in Console

  1. Log in to Console.

  2. Paste the content of the Google Search Console HTML verification tag you copied earlier into the "Google Site Verification tag content" field.

  3. Save changes.

  4. Go back to Google Search Console to confirm the ownership verification.

Voilà! Your marketplace is now verified in Google Search Console!

Add your sitemap to Google Search Console

In your search console property

  1. Go to the Sitemaps menu on the left.

  2. Click on "Enter sitemap URL" field under "Add a new sitemap.".

  3. Add the sitemap index file by entering sitemap-index.xml and click SUBMIT.

  4. You should see the status "Success" appear in green.

    1. At first, it may should "Couldn't fetch". Wait a few minutes, and refresh the page. Google takes a minute to crawl and process your sitemap file.

  5. That's it! Google now knows about your sitemap file and will index its content over time.

Note: You don't need to add the other three sitemap files. It takes a few minutes for Google to recognize the content, but adding the index file is enough.

You can learn more about the marketplace sitemap files in this article. If you receive an error when configuring your sitemap, make sure that your information is correct

More information about Google Search Console

You can learn more about Google Search Console from Google support.

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