How to edit the Footer

Learn how to configure your marketplace footer

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The footer serves as an important informational element in your marketplace. Use it to give users quick access to relevant content, such as helpful links or your social media accounts. Configure your footer in Console > Content > Footer.

Footer elements

There are five elements in the footer that can be customized:

  • Logo, which you can change in Design > Branding.

  • Slogan

  • Copyright disclaimer

  • Social media links

  • Content columns


Slogan distills your brand into one single, powerful value proposition. It's a catchphrase that captures what your marketplace is all about.

Social media links

Display links to your social media channels. Linking to social media encourages users to connect with your brand on multiple platforms, increasing your visibility and online presence. To add a new social media link, click on "+ Add a new social media link", choose a platform, and add the link to your page on that platform. The available platforms are:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • LinkedIn

  • X (Twitter)

  • Pinterest

  • Youtube

  • TikTok

The social media logos are rendered automatically.

Copyright text

Add a copyright disclaimer in the footer. A copyright disclaimer is a short piece of text that lets the public know that your work is protected by copyright law and is not to be copied. A standard format for the disclaimer is "© [Current year] [Your marketplace name.]".

Content blocks

Add custom links or other texts using content blocks. Typically, the footer includes links to important pages on your site.

Content blocks support markdown to enhance formatting. Learn more about how to use markdown to format text in your marketplace.

You can add custom links to each column. Console has two example content blocks using markdown to link to internal pages. Internal links are created with markdown by adding the URL path after your domain like so:

No footer on the search page

There is no footer on the search results page. The search page has an infinite scroll: as users scroll down, more listings will appear until all listings are shown on the page.

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