Seeking a sharetribe developer

Hi! I have just posted a job on Upwork, but I wondered if there are any developers here who are well versed in Sharetribe that might be interested in sending me a quote on this job?

Thank you!

I’m having 3+ years of experience Ruby On Rails/Sharetribe, A very nominal charge than others.
I looked into your job description as far as i understood it needs to update with latest version of Sharetribe,
I would be happy to discuss with you on this. Please reach out to me by following communication channel-

Email/Skype -

Thanks ,

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Hey @Sydney!

Indeed, sounds like you should upgrade to a more recent version of Go to benefit from all the features (availability, but also much more).

Just curious: do you know what release your Go marketplace is based on?

Whoever you hire, make sure that the update is to, at least, v10.0.0. We’ve just published it and it brings lots of behind-the-scene changes to the availability technical setup, so it’s good to move directly to that version as the earlier availability solution (Harmony) has been deprecated.

I already applied in upwork

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Hi thank you!

I may have hired someone.

I do not think I have the latest version and I am worried that if I update it, I will lose all my customizations?

Will this happen, or is there some documentation where the Dev can see how to do it without loosing customization?


:slightly_smiling_face: Syd!

Hi Sydney,
I understand your concern about loosing customisation , may i ask you on which version you are currently using?
I have recently updated the Sharetribe 6.01 to Sharetribe 9 without loosing any data or customisation.
I would recommend you to update it with latest version if you are still using stripe older version API as stripe is going to depreciate the older version of API.

With Regards,
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Hey Sydney,
I can upgarde it without losing any of your customization if you are interested do let me know I am available 24 / 7.

Ali Hassan
Skype: ali.hassan.mirzaa

Hey Syd!

As others have said too, you will be able to keep your customizations and still upgrade to the latest version of Go.

However, the challenge/unknown is that you will have to do some custom work to maintain them and it’s only by reviewing your current website and code that someone will be able to give you a quote and plan on how to do that.

Anyway, hopefully you’ll be able to move forward without too much work!

Hi thanks so much! I am glad to see some here have done it properly, and I will definately be back if my current hire can’t complete this project. I think I need to write support and see if my old packet of code is still around that I exported. I am using the sharetribe from about 2 -3 years ago when stripe was in place, i didn’t like stripe because they had really bad accounting, and now I am having to use a regular merchant account :slight_smile:

Sounds like a plan!

I’m not sure to understand why you’d need a new back from the time you were using the hosted version though. If you’re running your own website already, this is what you’ll have to migrate and backup, so I’m interested to hear more about your thoughts here.

Unfortunately if you’ve cancelled any subscription you had at the time, it most likely won’t be available anymore as we delete data forever after a few months to comply with regulations, but we’ll be happy to have a look anyway if that help.

Let me know!

Hi Thomas, I wasn’t able to get the site running. I have been spending the time doing customizations and also trying to get the regular functions going.

I’m going to hire one of the people on your forum who responded to me because the one I hired on upwork simply isn’t doing the job of installing the new script while keeping the customizations! ack! I will keep trying. I still have no site yet. still trying. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi There, I will not be using stripe I have a personal merch account but I do still have access to the stripe keys if they are needed to make the site run. My developer on upwork is not doing the process quickly or well.

I wondered if you could quote me how long it would take and how much you would charge, to install the new script, keep my customizations, and make sure the new script is working? I like the old script but my developer just cant find or make the calendar work on the renting button. So there is also the option that you could just do that instead, on the old script! May I have a quote please? thanks so much!! Syd
PS; I created a timeline list of the customizations I had done

this is a list of cusomizations done to the old script

Escribo en español porque preferimos encontrar un desarrollador que hable este idioma y con quien podernos entender, da igual en que pais esté, pero si nos interesa que hable español o castellano fluido, para entendernos mejor. Buscamos desarrollador experimentado en Sharetribe, bajo acuerdo freelance o mercantil o incluso laboral, estamos abiertos a todo. Envien su CV a muchas gracias. I write in Spanish because we prefer focus this finding process to those develipers that know perfect Spanish language, thanks!

Espero que lo estás haciendo bien. Soy Ali, un ingeniero de software senior de Ruby on Rails de alto nivel y un experto en el desarrollo de mi experiencia principal en Ruby on Rails. Tengo más de 9 años de experiencia en desarrollo de pila completa que resuelve problemas de ingeniería y productos con tecnología.

Por un lado, soy un ingeniero que piensa profundamente en los problemas de crecimiento y productos. Por otro lado, soy un tipo de producto y crecimiento con una profunda experiencia técnica. Creo que tener experiencia en ingeniería (y las habilidades de codificación para respaldarla) me brinda la sólida base analítica necesaria para ayudar a llevar el producto y el crecimiento al siguiente nivel.
Los lenguajes de programación y los marcos son herramientas para lograr un objetivo. Trabajaré con usted para determinar la mejor herramienta para sus objetivos. Ruby on Rails, React y angular han sido buenas opciones para proyectos recientes.