Searchable skills on Sharetribe Go

I am trying to implement skills for assignments on Sharetribe Go so that these skills can then be matched to the skills of freelancers registered on the website.

I.e. lets say someone is looked to lay tiles on a floor, so the person who posts the assignment specifies that “tiling” is a required skill. Freelancers should also be able to add this skills when setting up their profile.


Hey there!

What about listing fields (checkbox type)? You could then ask users to list the skills they have or are looking for, when posting a new listing.

Keep us posted!

Hello and thanks for the answer.

Checkboxes can indeed be used but what I am looking for is a way to link the buyer side and seller side through skills and industry experience.

Let’s assume that only 5 industries and 5 skills exist in the world. Consequently, a user can specify their industry experience as well as their skillset. When users then look to purchase an assignment then can also use the same industries and skills to define the assignment and make it searchable.

Right now you can define them independently for both users and listing, but there is no link between these as far as I can tell.

Also when using checkbox filters, these exclude results who do not fulfill all the checkbox criteria, to would be helpful if one could toggle between this option and listing all the results that are a match for any of the checked criteria rather than all of them.


Thanks for the clarifications, Karl!

Indeed, with the hosted version of Sharetribe Go, you wouldn’t be able to build such automated
marketplace. You could still use it as a way to get started and possibly do some of the matching yourself, manually, as a concierge-based marketplace, at first, to test your idea and learn from users.

However to build such unique flow, you could consider Sharetribe Flex and build such customizations, while still benefiting of all the other features and basics being there already. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Sharetribe team via the chat widget in your Admin panel!

Again, of course, do consider other solutions and alternatives. Finally, you could also customize the Community Edition of Sharetribe Go, but this is way less future-proof than getting started with Flex.

Keep us posted about your progress!

Thank you very much for the kind help Thomas, very much appreciated!