PayPal payment open source

Is that Sharetribe team plans support the PayPal payment for open source version soon?

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Well, it’s actually not up to us. The PayPal code is in the public repository and it’s fully functional, but it requires an API key from PayPal, and you can’t get that API key without a special agreement with PayPal.

To my understanding PayPal doesn’t do that kind of agreements with individuals. Also, we were required to go through a quite heavy process to get that key. So, if you have a company, it might be possible to make that agreement, but I wouldn’t count on that.

So instead of making PayPal supported for open source, I’d say the long term plan is to add other payment gateways and/or make a pluggable architecture which allows OS developers to easily code their own payment gateway integrations.

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@rap1ds It’s look I’m able to get PayPal API key.
I trying set sandbox environment for PayPal in development (locally).

Could you write what I need to set/run to get PayPal working?

Should I set my “Classic TEST API Credentials” in yml?
Are you using In sandbox global test app id?

so many questions :wink:

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I finally set PayPal payment.

I made error creating sandbox PayPal account directly. I should create it from

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For paypal payments, its important to distinguish different ways and functioning of adaptive payments you like to use, in particular between chained payments and reference transaction payments. I understand that the latter is the one used in the hosted version of sharetribe. To be able to do reference transactions yourself in opensource, paypal has to enable your account for reference transactions and they are quite strict on it. Lengthy and difficult process. Otherwise, it doesnt work. However, for chained payments you need to get the respective application approved, which seems to be easier (I have done it, and it was fast). Yet, you would have to invest more in the technical integration.

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Thanks for respond!

I hoping that when I configure sharetribe (community) with PayPal I’m ready to go ;).
But looks now that I have to goes through PayPal documentation.

What I need exactly is configured one marketplace, so probably don’t need “full” sharetribe stack.

Do you able to share code with chained payments integration?

If you configure chained payments, you should be good as long as paypal approves your adaptive payments app id application for chained payments (!). Best do this before you start the development. I didnt pursue this further because I found this whole thing way with paypal too complicated and their costumer service wasnt very helpful neither. Now swichted to stripe. If you want to try it, this may be useful:

With the reference transaction model: if paypal doesnt enable your account for reference transactions, you cant charge fees from the account of the marketplace service provider. Hence, it doesnt work even for a simple marketplace with a comission/fee-based revenue model.

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I’m in need of integrating Paypal with sharetribe(open source).
@blazej could you please help me through this.

Can you provide some details of the way to integrate it?!
How long does it take?
Or can you please share the code?!


here you are

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@blazej I followed this look and I have configured my account payapal sandbox but does not work.
When I click on “Proceed with payment” platform goes in a loop on the request “transactions/transaction_op_status/fe775902-20f7-11e7-8264-f0bf97016b50” that always returns the json: {“completed”: false}.
Any suggestions ? T.y. in advance :smile:


@alexm you should look what responses you are have from PayPal.
Enable debugging in your config/environments/development.rb:

config.after_initialize do
    # change log level to DEBUG
   PayPal::SDK.logger = Rails.logger.clone
   PayPal::SDK.logger.level = Logger::DEBUG

   # log all PayPal requests
   PayPal::SDK.configure({verbose_logging: true})

Another thing. Do you have delayed jobs worker running?

@blazej Thank you very much for answering, I saw the paypal log, but is empty when i do this operation.
As for the delayed jobs Are Those of sharetribe as I have downloaded from github, I do not add another.

@alexm Are you able to connect PayPal merchant account with Sharetribe merchant account?

@blazej After following your steps in
I have a problem with this error message
NoMethodError in PaypalAccountsController#ask_order_permission

undefined method `data’ for #Hash:0x007f71b4c47a20

It’s look like you didn’t get response from PayPal. Please look here to code. I suggest you enable logging all communication with PayPal - your problem will be there. How to enable logging you will find here

I see you guys are experts here on integrating PayPal payments. My question is…if user is registered to list items on site…and PayPal is integrated

  1. Is he required to use PayPal or it is optional and he can still use site without connecting payment?

  2. Can Stripe and PayPal be integrated or only one payment provider?

  3. Does anyone ever tried or created BankPayment (manual payment) plugin where user can pay by verbal agreement set amount using bank account and then seller can mar item paid?