Marketplace Showroom! Are you hosting your own Sharetribe marketplace? Advertise it here!

Are you hosting your own Sharetribe marketplace?

Advertise it here!

Reply to this topic and add a small description about your marketplace and a URL to it so that others can try it out!


Awesome! You guys rock!

We switched from Etsy php clone script to Sharetribe, this is absolutely the best decision.

We also compared other solutions, they are attracting for outside appearances, but Sharetribe is so solid inside, the more we work with Sharetribe, the more we love it!


Here’s our Sharetribe marketplace:

As our marketplace is one based around scheduling time in kitchens, I took the Sharetribe framework and bolted on some other gems: fullcalendar_engine (for calendaring), invoicing, sitemap_generator, timezone, prawn (for PDF invoices), dossier (for reporting), stripe.

Thanks Sharetribe, for a great base!


I like some of the additions that you have made - are you able to share the bolt ons?

Hi Geoff,

My startup is donating some of the changes back (see ) but most of it I’m not able to share via open source.

I am available for some contract development, however. PM me with project details if you’d like to learn more or get an estimate.

Understand the need to capitalise on your development and not make free. I have someone working on site at the moment, this would be a phase 2 or 3 stage.
Will be in contact as things develop.

Our marketplace is - we help people find their next bike experience. Local Ambassadors curate the best bike rides, tours and related services in a specific destination.


My marketplace is at
It is a market for professional broadcasters, geras and services.


We’ve started two Sharetribe marketplaces this year. is for car trailer rental. People who own car trailers (those small ones to carry stuff around) can create listings and rent them out to neighbours (or whoever). All types of trailers can be rented out; “normal” ones, for boat transportation, horse transportation etc. Our biggest struggle has been how to get our users to pay through our website. So we made a deal with one of the biggest insurance companies in the Nordic Countries (If), and now all trailers that are rented and paid for through our website si insured by If during the rental period. is a website where people who want to give private educational lessons can offer their services. We’ve just launched the site, so that’s why there are currently so few people.

Most of the visual changes are made with css and javascript. Feel free to have a look and play aorund :smile:

Oh, almost forgot, both marketplaces are Norwegian… :wink:


Did you get help from someone on upwork? I sa your site HengerDeling in there portfolio.

Yes. Paypal isn’t that much used in Norway, so had to have an easier payment solution (Stripe). Got some help at Upwork to set it up.

Thanks Björn, you would recommend them?

Hi! That depends on your IT skills :slight_smile: If you’re somewhat into IT and programing it would help a lot. If not, make sure to hire someone that can do EVERYthing for you!

Thanks björn. Are your running the opensource and did you try paypal?

Yes, we’re running the open source, and Paypal was one of the main reasons…It’s just too much hassle with Paypal. It’s much easier for the customers with Stripe connect.

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+1 Stripe Connect. It’s perfect for marketplaces. Sellers are prompted to create an account, are redirected back to Sharetribe, where they can put up a post. They get paid, and your app can take a cut. The seller’s stripe account can manage their own transactions, and your Stripe account can view all the transactions + admin abilities.


Can I ask you of a guide that I can use to install the platform step by step.
Thanks Emil :smiley:

how much money to help me build a platform like the etsy one using the open source platform?

We have completed related listings which is kinda useful.

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