I keep getting request failed from the sdk request

Hello everyone! I want to add an availability exception to a listing using sdk.availabilityExceptions.create(), but I keep getting the error : “Request failed with status code 403 | Forbidden”. What is wrong here ? ( when I created the sdk instance I only passed it the clientId property )
From what I red, in order to use this API endpoint I need an access token that belongs to the author of the listing. If that is what is wrong here… how do I do this?

Hey @Robert_Bogos!

Sounds like you are using Sharetribe Flex, right?

This forum is focused on the Community Edition of Sharetribe Go, and for community discussions about Sharetribe Flex, you’ll get more from the Sharetribe Flex Slack channel.

Don’t hesitate to join that Slack channel to ask your question! And if needed, feel free to join our team via the chat widget in your Flex Console :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work!