How hard and secure to add a new payement company?

I just installed sharetribe in my development environment, at the first place it gives me to create a new store, and then when I want to add as my payement mehod, but in my developement envirement, at the admin section i can’t event see the payment symbole.

So I want to know if it’s possible how hard it’is to add this functionnality and how secure it is.
Thank you

Currently there are two payment gateways supported: Braintree for Open Source and PayPal for the hosted version. If you want to use something else, you need to implement the integration yourself.

I think building the integration is doable, if you have some technical knowledge. I know that there are people who have done it.

About security: When building your own implementation, I’d build it in a way that doesn’t require your servers to be PCI compliant. In practise that means that you should not store information such as credit card numbers to your database. So make sure that your payment gateway provides an integration option that doesn’t require PCI compliance.

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Depends on where you are located, but I’m midway through a stripe implementation and I know I’ve seen some folks talk about other payment gateways on this bug:

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Yes, it should not be hard, i have experiences for 2 years on payment gateway for indonesia and malaysian banks for remittance purposes and with proper payment gateway set up, should be ok, i guess

What about the PCI-DSS A-EP - it states that anyone who application interacts with a 3rd party payment provider should make sure that they have self assessed themselves with the SAQ-A-EP form. I don’t have experience with the PCI-DSS, does anyone know much about it?