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What's new in Sharetribe Go

Software updates, new features and improvements are part of your plan with Sharetribe Go. Here is a list of the latest ones.

March 2018

- Better messaging system when using Stripe: now providers have more information about their transaction status
- Improved payment fee's information for providers
- Improved transaction code for better performance
- Security related improvements

Bug fixes:
- Fixes to mobile layout
- Transaction pages had an unexpected value that made a tiny percentage unaccessible

February 2018

🚀 New feature: Per hour Availability
This feature complements the existing daily and nightly usage options. Your providers can now select the days and times they are available and your users will be able to select one or more of the available time slots. This makes life much easier for rentals and service providers.
(See Help Center article).

Bug fixes:
- Technical updates required by Stripe to connect bank accounts
- Minor Stripe UX improvements for providers

January 2018

Bug fixes:
- Improved the way the availability calendar works when selecting dates "per day" and "per night"
- Improved e-mail deliverability
- Fixed several admin dashboard bugs
- Made transaction smoother for buyers

December 2017

🚀 New feature: View all conversations between members
Conversation and transaction threads are now in separate sections, making it easier to read discussions between members whether they are related to a paid transaction, a free transaction or 1-to-1 conversation.
(See Help Center article).

Bug fixes:
- Added and improved many error warnings and messages (when posting reviews, comments, profile descriptions...)

November 2017

🚀 New feature: Holding funds and delaying payments
For transactions processed by Stripe, payouts to sellers are delayed until after the item or service has been delivered. The buyer still makes the payment ahead of time, but Stripe will hold this money on behalf of the marketplace and will pay it out automatically once the conditions of the transaction are met.
(See Help Center article).

🚀 New feature: Unbanning users
You could already ban users, but you would need to contact our Support to request unbans. You can now handle this entire process yourself, both banning & unbanning, in the User Management section.
(See Help Center article).

🚀 New feature: Searching users
You can now search for users in your user lists directly from the admin panel. You can search within the Name, Email, and Display name.
(See Help Center article).

🚀 New feature: Ability to edit your custom outgoing email address
You can now change your custom outgoing email address without our help, from the usual Emails section in the admin panel. You can change the Sender name only (no SES verification needed) or change the email address used (you will have to verify it via a SES email notification).
(See Help Center article).

Bug fixes:
- Arrows in "input type=number" field appear again in all browsers
- Possible to deselect all notifications as a user again
- Default pricing units are displayed as expected again

October 2017

🚀 New feature: Stripe as a payment gateway
Stripe offers certain benefits over PayPal: the checkout for your users has less friction and your providers are able to receive money straight into their bank account without the need for a Stripe or PayPal account.
(See Help Center article)

Bug fixes:
- fixed issues with creating new Facebook apps
- videos now play sound again on all platforms/devices
- general code refactoring

September 2017

🚀 New feature: Email providers and buyers separately
There are many instances where you, as a marketplace operator, might want to communicate directly with all, or a part, of your community.
(See Help Center article)

🚀 New feature: Adding Custom Scripts to Custom Landing Pages
The Custom Landing page add-on has now been integrated with the Custom Script feature of the marketplace admin panel.

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