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What's new in Sharetribe Go

Software updates, new features and improvements are part of your plan with Sharetribe Go. Here is a list of the latest ones.

April 2019

🚀 New feature: charge a commission fee from Buyers
Collecting money from buyers is now possible with Stripe as the payment gateway. That marketplace fee is added to the listing price during checkout.
(See Help Center article).

🚀 New feature: review and approve or reject listing before they are published
Admins can now enforce a mandatory manual review of all new and edited listings. Admins are notified by email and can decide to approve or reject listing: they are then published, or not.
(See Help Center article).

- More logging information and error reporting for Stripe
- Updated Facebook Login button according to Facebook guidelines
- Changed integration with Stripe to listen to provider's Stripe account status
- Updated to Facebook API version 3.2
- Better instructions for non-logged in admins
- Image handling improvements. Thanks to kpadma0928ut for the contribution
- SEO listing tags for listings without price
- Apply social media custom tags to the Landing page also
- Improved the newsletter and welcome e-mail design by adding a small margin to the top of the mail

Bug fixes:
- Fixed an error that prevented the marketplace deletion from the admin panel
- Fixed the wrong display of marketplace name in PayPal notifications
- Fixed an error when posting a listing produced by the length of some content when using listing approval

March 2019

🚀 New feature: More SEO settings
It's now possible to edit the title and description tags for lots of pages, using variables to make them dynamic.
(See Help Center article).

- Support for latest Stripe API version
- Lots of maintenance and improvements updates after recent Stripe changes
- Footer templates are now available for Custom Landing Pages too
- Updated packages for security and maintenance reasons

Bug fixes:
- Fixed errors in Stripe payouts
- Marketplace name in the footer of emails was not always correct

February 2019

🚀 New feature: Google and LinkedIn as sign-up options
Users can now sign up and log in with their Google and LinkedIn account. Signing up with email and Facebook can be offered as before.
(See Help Center article).

🚀 New feature: Filter reviews
Administrators can now filter reviews on their admin panel to browse and manage them more easily.
(See Help Center article).

- Backup/dump creation (to export marketplace data when asked) is more reliable
- Email notifications now display the marketplace logo (if set) in the header
- New shortcut in top bar avatar dropdown to user's "My listings"
- New table to allow users to manage all their listings easily from their user settings
- New Domain section in the admin panel

January 2019

🚀 New feature: Post listings on behalf of a user
Administrators can now post listings as another user. Listings are published as if they were created by the user themselves.
(See Help Center article).

🚀 New feature: Edit the profile of any user
Administrators can now edit the profile details (name, display name, user fields, profile picture...) of any user.
(See Help Center article).

🚀 New feature: Edit the logo link
By default, a click on the top bar logo redirects to the homepage or Custom Landing Page. Now you can customize it to points to any other address.
(See Help Center article).

🚀 New feature: Disable the default top bar menu links
By default, three links are added to the top bar: About, Contact us and Invite new members. Now they can be hidden.
(See Help Center article).

🚀 New feature: Edit social media sharing details (title, description, image)
Details of the marketplace (title, description, image) when sharing it in social media can now be customized instead of showing auto-generated defaults. Links to the preview tools have been added too.
(See Help Center article).

- Invitation links in admin panel and top bar are now more consistent for admins
- Two new styles for the footer: Marketplace color and Logo
- New languages supported (Czech, Korean, Chinese from Taiwan, Vietnamese, Polish, Thai)
- Admins can now browse closed listings
- Security improvements about ratelimit on password recovery request. Many thanks to Husnain Iqbal who suggested that improvement

Bug fixes:
- Slogan and description no longer break in Custom Landing Page for longer words

December 2018

🚀 New feature: Resend the confirmation email to users who haven't confirmed their address yet
Sometimes users don't complete the registration process. If they've missed the confirmation email, admins can now resend it for a new try.
(See Help Center article).

🚀 New feature: View all invitations sent by all members
It is not possible for admins to view and monitor all invitations sent from all members, along with details and usage.
(See Help Center article).

🚀 New feature: Review search
You can search for reviews in your review lists directly from the admin panel. You can search within the review content, or parties involved.
(See Help Center article).

🚀 New feature: Conversation search
You can search for conversations in your conversation lists directly from the admin panel. You can search within the conversation content, or parties involved.
(See Help Center article).

- Footer links placeholders and URL validations
- Security improvements
- Dependencies updates
- Better support of URLs in listing descriptions
- Unconfirmed and pending members are now visible in the Users admin panel section
- Addition of recently created currencies

Bug fixes:
- Fixed listing working hours validation with hourly bookings
- Better management of image and video preview in editor of static pages in mobile view
- Design page can be displayed again
- Fixed possible duplicate transactions creation with Stripe
- Fixed issue with ability to unselect all checkbox options in a User field

November 2018

🚀 New feature: Customizable footer for Pro+ users
You can configure and customize the footer in Pro plans or above. This feature allows you to create text footer links and add social media links.
(See Help Center article).

🚀 New feature: Transaction search and filtering
You can search for transactions in your transaction lists directly from the admin panel. You can search within the transaction title, or parties involved. You can also filter by transaction status: Canceled, Completed, Free transaction, Paid, Preauthorized and Rejected.
(See Help Center article).

🚀 New feature: Listing search and filtering
You can search for listings in your listings lists directly from the admin panel. You can search within the listing title, author, or category name. You can also filter by listing status: Open, Closed and Expired.
(See Help Center article).

- Possibility to hide the slogan and description and display the cover photo only
- Improved communication regarding closed marketplaces to end users
- Allow a longer text in the listing title
- Add filters to user management table
- Add unique user_id to user CSV export
- Security improvements

Bug fixes:
- Fixes to user management page
- Outgoing e-mail address setup fix

October 2018

🚀 New feature: Edit reviews
Admins can remove and edit reviews. This allows admins better control of their user interaction. They can change a mistaken review from negative to positive and vice versa. They are able to edit typos in the text and even delete them altogether.
(See Help Center article).

🚀 New feature: Social media image
Have the ability to add a specific image for social media sharing.
(See Help Center article).

- Japan and Puerto Rico are now fully supported with Stripe in Sharetribe
- Payment provider page improved in the admin panel
- Add a default "Per unit" pricing unit to the order types settings
- Make "Per unit" pricing unit default for product marketplaces
- Add new segment to the user e-mails segments: Users who are allowed to post listings
- Security improvements

Bug fixes:
- Fix to the user profile form with custom fields
- Fix to the Stripe integration for Hong Kong users
- Transaction agreement display
- Hourly availability saving error

September 2018

🚀 New feature: Customize profile information and signup form
There are many situations where it's useful to be able to collect structured information about your users. Perhaps you want to build richer profiles for your users or maybe you require everyone to add private information for admin purposes. Or you might want to segment your user base by demographic and send each segment targeted marketing emails. Now you can achieve all this by adding custom fields to the user profile and signup form.
(See Help Center article).

- Google Maps performance improvements

Bug fixes:
- Fixes to checkbox and dropdown custom user fields layout bugs

August 2018

- Adding a direct link to the admin panel when an admin user logs in
- Improved signup process and notifications for new users.
- Added expired status to the "View listings" page

Bug fixes:
- User profile image is used only when processed so it doesn't show as a broken image
- Fixes to the free transactions flow

July 2018

- You and your members can now see the filenames of images added to the admin panel and profiles
- Allow some customization to the profile pages with markdown - Adding background images and colors to all the sections of the Custom Landing Pages
- Video section improvements for the Custom Landing Pages

Bug fixes:
- Fixes to minimum transaction fee in some currencies
- Fixes to the Video section in the Custom Landing Pages so it displays properly
- Fixes to the seller fees displayed information

June 2018

🚀 New feature: View listings from the marketplace
All your listings can be viewed in one single page. You can monitor the listing activity in your marketplace and even access any closed listings, to re-open them if needed. All within the admin panel.
(See Help Center article).

🚀 New CLP feature: Locations section
Now you can add random locations with background images to the Custom Landing Page without necessarily being a category in your marketplace.

- Improved user management
- Security updates
- Renamed admin panel sections

Bug fixes:
- Missing user data from some messages

May 2018

🚀 New feature: Disable Facebook Login
In some cases the marketplace administrator does not want to provide the ability to sign up or log in through Facebook. It is now possible to disable it from the admin panel.
(See Help Center article).

🚀 New feature: Listing fields can support links
If you add a URL or domain address to a custom text field, it will automatically be recognized as such and will be transformed into a clickable link within the listing page.
(See Help Center article).

- GDPR related changes to user permissions and data handling. Read more in this Help Center article.
- Marketplace creation process updated
- Improvements to user and admin account management
- Stripe data submission form improvements
- Provider can manage better their data related to their connected bank accounts with Stripe
- Refactoring of the transaction code for better performance and easier maintenance
- Security improvements

Bug fixes:
- UI and text fixes
- Listings display in the profile page
- Bug that prevented some payments to be released automatically in Stripe

April 2018

🚀 New feature: Export Transactions as CSV
Exporting the transaction information from your marketplace to a CSV file is a great way for you to analyze this information. Now you can download this data, import it into a third party software like Excel or Google Spreadsheets, and create tables and graphs out of it.
(See Help Center article).

🚀 New feature: View reviews
All your reviews can be viewed in one single page. You can monitor the performance of the providers of your marketplace and make sure that the interactions within your community are smooth. All within the admin panel.
(See Help Center article).

- Improve data management for connected bank accounts with Stripe
- Refactoring the transaction code for better performance and easier maintenance

Bug fixes:
- Fixes to mobile image display
- Disable autocomplete in booking datepickers

March 2018

- Better messaging system when using Stripe: now providers have more information about their transaction status
- Improved payment fee's information for providers
- Improved transaction code for better performance
- Security related improvements

Bug fixes:
- Fixes to mobile layout
- Transaction pages had an unexpected value that made a tiny percentage unaccessible

February 2018

🚀 New feature: Per hour Availability
This feature complements the existing daily and nightly usage options. Your providers can now select the days and times they are available and your users will be able to select one or more of the available time slots. This makes life much easier for rentals and service providers.
(See Help Center article).

Bug fixes:
- Technical updates required by Stripe to connect bank accounts
- Minor Stripe UX improvements for providers

January 2018

Bug fixes:
- Improved the way the availability calendar works when selecting dates "per day" and "per night"
- Improved e-mail deliverability
- Fixed several admin dashboard bugs
- Made transaction smoother for buyers

December 2017

🚀 New feature: View all conversations between members
Conversation and transaction threads are now in separate sections, making it easier to read discussions between members whether they are related to a paid transaction, a free transaction or 1-to-1 conversation.
(See Help Center article).

Bug fixes:
- Added and improved many error warnings and messages (when posting reviews, comments, profile descriptions...)

November 2017

🚀 New feature: Holding funds and delaying payments
For transactions processed by Stripe, payouts to sellers are delayed until after the item or service has been delivered. The buyer still makes the payment ahead of time, but Stripe will hold this money on behalf of the marketplace and will pay it out automatically once the conditions of the transaction are met.
(See Help Center article).

🚀 New feature: Unbanning users
You could already ban users, but you would need to contact our Support to request unbans. You can now handle this entire process yourself, both banning & unbanning, in the User Management section.
(See Help Center article).

🚀 New feature: Searching users
You can now search for users in your user lists directly from the admin panel. You can search within the Name, Email, and Display name.
(See Help Center article).

🚀 New feature: Ability to edit your custom outgoing email address
You can now change your custom outgoing email address without our help, from the usual Emails section in the admin panel. You can change the Sender name only (no SES verification needed) or change the email address used (you will have to verify it via a SES email notification).
(See Help Center article).

Bug fixes:
- Arrows in "input type=number" field appear again in all browsers
- Possible to deselect all notifications as a user again
- Default pricing units are displayed as expected again

October 2017

🚀 New feature: Stripe as a payment gateway
Stripe offers certain benefits over PayPal: the checkout for your users has less friction and your providers are able to receive money straight into their bank account without the need for a Stripe or PayPal account.
(See Help Center article)

Bug fixes:
- fixed issues with creating new Facebook apps
- videos now play sound again on all platforms/devices
- general code refactoring

September 2017

🚀 New feature: Email providers and buyers separately
There are many instances where you, as a marketplace operator, might want to communicate directly with all, or a part, of your community.
(See Help Center article)

🚀 New feature: Adding Custom Scripts to Custom Landing Pages
The Custom Landing page add-on has now been integrated with the Custom Script feature of the marketplace admin panel.

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