What's new in Sharetribe Flex

Software updates, new features and improvements are part of your plan with Sharetribe Flex. Here is a list of the latest ones.

December 2021

πŸš€ New feature: Query users by extended data

A new API feature that makes it easier to search and filter users based on extended data. Previously, it was not possible to search and filter this data through the API. For instance, to query all users with certain membership status, it was necessary to query all users and then do the filtering in an external backend, outside of Flex. With the updated /users/query endpoint to the Integration API, this can all happen within Flex.

Read the release announcement in Slack , the newsletter or browse the documentation.

November 2021

πŸ›  Improvements:

All Flew Templates for Web (ftw-daily, ftw-hourly, ftw-product) have seen a new release. It brings mainly bug fixes and some library updates.

This update is available for all templates and you can find them from the Release page on each GitHub repository.

October 2021

πŸš€ New feature: FTW-product, a template for product marketplaces

A new Flex Template for Web (FTW), FTW-product, is now available. It focuses on product marketplaces and uses the listing stock management feature. With this new template, it is now many times faster to start building a marketplace for selling products.

Read the release announcement in Slack , the newsletter or browse the documentation.

September 2021

πŸš€ New feature: Support for listing stock management in the APIs

Flex now has support for listing stock management. With this new set of features, it is much easier to build a product selling marketplace on Flex.

Read the release announcement in Slack , the newsletter or browse the documentation.

πŸš€ New feature: Query listings by set of IDs

It is now possible to query listings by a given set of IDs (up to 100) in both the Marketplace API and Integration API. This makes it easier to build features like a whish list of favorite listings for a user, or any other feature where recording and querying a set of listings might be useful.

Read the release announcement in Slack.

May 2021

πŸš€ New feature: Connect Flex to Zapier to automate tasks without coding or relying on developers.

Save time as an operator and offer new value to your users. Wouldn’t it be great if new users of your marketplace would automatically be added to a Mailchimp mailing list? Or, if providers could receive a text message whenever a booking is made for their listing? Or, if all new transactions automatically got added to a Google sheet?

You can now make these automations (and so much more!) a reality without having to code or rely on a developer. Sharetribe Flex now offers an integration to Zapier that lets you connect with over 3,000 web apps.

Get started with our Zapier cookbook.

April 2021

πŸš€ New feature: Integrate any payment service provider
Sharetribe Flex offers a built-in payment system powered by Stripe Connect, but Stripe has its limitations. You can now integrate your Flex-powered marketplace with any third-party payment service provider.

This guide offers an overview of the steps required to complete such an integration and the things you should consider before and during the integration process

πŸ›  Improvements:

Flex APIs now use latest data for time zones when handling time-based availability plans. This fixes and issue where in some cases where a time zone had its information changed recently, Flex API would return incorrect time slots or be unable to create a booking for otherwise available time.

This update is already in place for all Flex APIs and does not require any changes in your Flex applications.

March 2021

πŸš€ New feature: New payment methods

Stripe, the default payment processor in Sharetribe Flex, supports many other payment methods besides credit cards. The latest Flex release makes many of these accessible in your Flex marketplace.

New Global payment methods:
- Apple Pay
- Google Pay
- Microsoft Pay

New local payment methods:
- Alipay (China)
- Bancontact (Belgium)
- EPS (Austria)
- Giropay (Germany)
- iDEAL (Netherlands)
- Przelewy24 (Poland)

Read more about the different payment methods in Flex.

πŸš€ New feature: Transaction events
Last month, the powerful concept of events was introduced to Flex. Today, we are releasing an update that extends the concept to transaction events. You can now build automations related to bookings, reviews, and transactions. Read more about events in Flex.

πŸ›  Improvements:

Minor updates to FTW templates:
- FTW-daily .v8.1.0
- FTW-hourly .v10.1.0

And before that...

πŸš€ Flex has seen many new features and improvements added over time!

You can find the main ones added before March 2021 in this list of Flex newsletters.

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