Should I launch fast with Go or custom-build with Flex?

Choosing the right marketplace solution depends on your idea, feature requirements, budget, timeline, and technical skills. Here are the main differences between Sharetribe Go and Sharetribe Flex.

When to choose...

Choose Go if...

You can build your Minimum Viable Platform with Go's feature set.

Go is the easiest, fastest, and most affordable way to get your marketplace idea out into the world. After you have validated your idea and know what your customers need, moving to Flex is simple.

You're not a developer and don't have the time or budget to hire one.

Go lets you create a complete marketplace website without any coding. Working with Flex always requires some development work. The minimum budget needed for launching a Flex marketplace is typically around $5K.

You want to launch your marketplace as fast as possible.

Setting up a marketplace with Go only takes a couple of minutes. Some of our customers have gone from idea to launch in a single day! With Flex, the build time is typically around one month or longer.

Ps. You can launch with Go and move to Flex later!

Choose Flex if...

You know you need more than Go's essential marketplace features.

Go has an extensive feature set, but for some marketplace ideas, it might not be enough for a Minimum Viable Platform. With Flex, you can build the missing features on top of Flex's APIs yourself. You can also integrate third-party apps or your own back-end.

You have specific requirements for design and UX.

Thanks to Flex's headless approach, you can design and develop your marketplace user experience according to your specs. This is great for established brands or entrepreneurs who know exactly how their UX should look, feel, and function.

You want to build a mobile app.

Flex gives you full freedom to build any kind of user interface, in web or mobile. Flex offers templates for both web and native mobile apps. With Go, you can only build a marketplace website (though it works great on mobile, too).





Time to market

1 day

1 month


Adjustable look & feel

Full flexibility

Do I need to code something?

None, nada, nothing!


Starting at $79/mo

Starting at $299/mo

Supported payment providers

Stripe & PayPal



Hosting & server monitoring

(but you need to host your front-end)


Software updates

Legal/regulatory compliance


1,000,000 users


Customer support

Marketplace type

Renting products, vehicles, or spaces

Booking services

Selling tickets to events

Selling physical products

Free sharing of goods and services

Reverse marketplace

Essential marketplace features

User management

Listing management

Location search

Booking & scheduling

Online payment



Booking calendar

Multiple languages

Custom-build more features

Advanced marketplace features

Integrating third-party software

Customizable transaction process

Possibility to build a mobile app

Flex functionality has been built with specific focus on "regular" marketplace flow (customers browse offerings and book). You can build a "reverse" marketplace (customers place requests, providers browse these and bid on them) with Flex too, but this requires a bit more development work, as Flex doesn't have a standard template for a reverse flow.

Flex functionality has been built with specific focus on for marketplaces for booking services, renting products or spaces, or selling tickets to events and experiences. You can build a marketplace for selling products with Flex too, but this typically requires a bit more development work, as there's no standard template for them.

Always included in both Go & Flex

All essential marketplace features

Secure online payments

Powerful admin tools

Regular updates & new features

Carefree infrastructure

Legal & regulatory compliance

Maintenance & backups

Expert support 7 days a week

Let's build a marketplace!

  • Launch quickly
  • Expand on-demand
  • Support every day
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