Create a free marketplace to help those affected by Covid-19.

A marketplace platform can help with coordinating civil support efforts during the Coronavirus pandemic. For example, a marketplace can be launched to offer and find local help, for people to find temporary work, or to direct support for local businesses. We want to help any non-profit initiative that is directed to those affected by the Covid-19 crisis by offering an open-ended free trial of Sharetribe Go.

Over the past months, we have been approached by fantastic individuals who want to build a platform to help people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic or by the protective measures taken. We want to support and inspire such initiatives by offering our software for free.

What do we offer?

We offer an open-ended free trial for Sharetribe Go with unlimited users for any non-profit initiative aiming to help during the Coronavirus pandemic. All essential features, payment options, and hosting are included, which means you can operate the platform at no cost.*

The offer doesn't include a white-label marketplace, custom domain, custom email address, or custom landing page.

What kinds of platforms are possible to build?

Sharetribe Go allows you to build platforms for renting, selling or services. This makes it suited for various kinds of initiatives that coordinate help, supplies, or financial support. Please find out more about Go’s features and functionality here.

If you’re not sure about your idea, our support team at is glad to help, though we do ask you to consult the product information first.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to build a platform aiming to solve specific Covid-19-related challenges with a clear non-profit approach.

Sharetribe reserves the right to determine whether or not an initiative can be considered non-profit.

How to apply?

Start your free trial and start building your platform. You automatically get a 30-day free trial, which we encourage you to use first.

After you have completed your free trial, contact us through the support widget to ask for the "covid-19-help" offer, accompanied by a short description of your platform idea.

Not sure if your idea applies?

Start by creating a free trial to check if the platform is suitable for your project. Once logged in, you can contact us through the suppor widget and describe your idea. Our support team will help you forward.

The not-so-small print

Sharetribe reserves the right to retract the offer if we feel your idea doesn’t fulfill the requirements described above.

The offer is available for the free trial version of Sharetribe Go, not for Flex. The offer doesn't include a white-label marketplace, custom domain, custom email address, or custom landing page.

Sharetribe reserves the right to end the offer at any moment. In practice, we will evoke this right when we feel the situation has returned to normal or if the offer endangers the company.

By accepting the offer, you give Sharetribe permission to share your marketplace in marketing, pursuant to good business practices, as an example to help inspire others.

*If you handle payments on the platform, we are not able to waive the transaction fees taken by Stripe & PayPal.