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Sharetribe Flex resources

Index of resources to help you get familiar with Sharetribe Flex

Table of Contents

If Flex is new to you, these index of articles will help you get familiar with the most important aspects to consider and content to read in the process of building your marketplace. This index contains many links to information you will need: from resources with Flex information and explanation of how different aspects of the Flex environment work, to resources about building a marketplace business in general from our Marketplace Academy.

Feel free to dive deep into all the Flex documentation as well as the Marketplace Academy if you need to. Remember that the Sharetribe team is here to help in case you have any question.

Flex general information

These articles will help you get an overview of what is Flex and its components and what you need to customize your Flex marketplace.

Flex Template for Web

These two articles will get started with the front end template that we have made available for you. Though, bear in mind that you don't need to use it, if you have different front end plans.

Transaction Process

These articles contain a primer on how to understand and customize your transaction process.

Extended data

The following articles explain how to add extended data (extra fields) to your marketplace users or listings and how to leverage this data to create filters in your search page.


Flex uses Stripe Connect with Custom accounts for its payment gateway. Integrating other payment gateways is not possible at the moment. The following articles clarify the way Stripe Connect works and how to set it up with Sharetribe Flex.


Ready to launch? Consider these articles.

Developer Resources

If you are new to Flex and have some technical knowledge and want to move forward with your project, check out this content.

Design Resources

You need a push in the right direction for designing your marketplace? Check out the following design articles.

Marketplace Resources

General information to build a marketplace business.