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What is the difference between Flex and Go Open Source?

This table illustrates the essential differences between Sharetribe Flex and Sharetribe Go Open Source.

Flex Go OS
Monthly price of the software Starting at $329 Starting at $160*
Customer support Not available
Tutorials, guides, and documentation Not available
Back-end hosting Not included
Front-end hosting Not included Not included
Free sandbox environment for testing and development Not included
Backups Not included
Software updates Not included
Legal/regulatory compliance Not included
API Not included
Designed to be customized and extended**
Supported features
User management
Listing management
Location search
Booking & scheduling
Online payment
Booking calendar
Multiple languages
Third-party integrations Not included
Customizable transaction process Not included
Possibility to build a mobile app Not included
Marketplace type
Renting products, vehicles, or spaces
Booking services
Selling tickets to events
Selling physical products
Free sharing of goods and services
Included SaaS services
Image CDN Not included
Email notifications Not included
Server monitoring Not included
Server logging Not included
Error reporting Not included

* The software itself is free, but there will be mandatory costs for hosting and running your own platform. $160 is an estimated base-level running cost calculated by Dan Moore.

** Sharetribe Flex is specifically built to be adapted. First of all, it comes with a complete website template that is easily customizable, so front-end changes are quick and cost-effective to make.

Secondly, the back end is built for flexibility from the ground up. For example, the transaction processes have been designed so that it is very quick and easy to adjust them. You can even create a completely new transaction process without coding anything.

With Go Open Source, every change needs to be coded from scratch. Furthermore, you'll have to do a lot of refactoring to develop efficiently. This results in much more developer work needed and a worse developer experience.