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Time to market 1 day 1 month
Customizability Adjustable look & feel Full flexibility
Do I need to code something? None, nada, nothing! Yes, find out more
Price Starting at $79 / mo Starting at $329 / mo
Supported payment providers Stripe, PayPal Stripe
Hosting & server monitoring

(but you need to host your front end)
Software updates
Legal/regulatory compliance
Scalability 1 million users Unlimited
Customer Support
Marketplace type    
Renting products, vehicles, or spaces
Booking services
Selling tickets to events
Selling physical products
Free sharing of goods and services
Essential marketplace features    
User management
Listing management
Location search
Booking & scheduling
Online payment
Booking calendar
Multiple languages
Custom-build more features
Advanced features    
Integrating third-party software
Customizable transaction process
Possibility to build a mobile app