I’m into web and marketing business. Drived by social networks I’m also open to work with people around the world. I wish I could offer my skills to motivated and inspiring teams.

Trained at the University of Lille in an English-speaking context I have a solid background in economics and marketing. I am very proud of my two entrepreneurial post-master courses namely KOUDETAT by TheFamily and TAKEOFF by Plaine Images.

Entrepreneur since 2014, after several months in textile startup, I already had the opportunity to launch several marketplaces, mainly in the field of music. I work with the CMS SHARETRIBE both in SaaS and OpenSource version since January 2015.

I already had the opportunity to test the different models of linking: purchase / sale, rental, services. I have already discussed the different types of market place: B2B, B2C, C2C.

With the help of other freelancers we are able to provide a complete web development service, graphic design and short term business strategy.

I can advise you the best ways to use Sharetribe. How to optimize your acquisition channels to bring your first suppliers.


Feel free to ask at :