Will the new improved search function on Sharetribe.com come to the open source version?

No news yet. Are you asking just out of general interest or do you have a specific need in mind?

Hi! thanks for the response. I am working on a project where location search would be important, thats why I asked. best wishes

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Is there any update on this topic? I just had a developer implement the open source version for me and a bunch of customizations, and am just now discovering that the most critical feature, keyword + location search, is disabled on open source Sharetribe. Any ideas when to expect it? Any workarounds? If a user is not broadcasting their location and I’m using keyword search, how does Sharetribe know what to provide for location based search results?


Hi everyone,
same question to @ovan as @Ryan_Vienneau: any update on this topic? We are also working on a new sharetribe community we want to open in few days and this feature is critical for us too.
Thanks in advance for your update.


Hi Ovan,

Is there any update on this topic? This part is critical to our plateform :s


We have implemented location search for our open source version. It works pretty much the same way as hosted. Search by location and the search results page lists the closest listings first within a 100km radius.

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Can you share your experience?

We used the Geocoder Gem to get Lat/Long for the address typed into the search box and then passed this to Sphinxsearch. A radius is used to limit the search results. This implementation has some limitations for Country and State based search, so we are working through some options to solve this.


Is anybody have a good solution to solve this issue. thank you for your help.

We solved this now and pretty happy that location search is working pretty well.


@matthewvryan can you please let me know how you did this I mean you just passed lat, long to sphinx search and how you handle radius if you share code that would be great the crontroller code where you passed the params and the sphonix search code which you updated for geocoder for near by location listings.

Please share that would be very helpful for me though.

You don’t know how grateful I am to you guys for having such an “open source” philosophy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Most open source projects, just open source the shitty version and keep the best for paying customers. You guys think differently <3

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We are 3 years later and it is still closed source :’(

Man, could you make it open source, please?

@ovan @thomasmalbaux
We have been hoping to have this for over 2 years. Could you please tell us when we’ll have the location search within the open source release ?

@matthewvryan would you share your code?

Hi there,

thanks for the candid feedback! I definitely understand the frustration here.

One challenge is that things for the location search are not really in a state ready to be shared. Documentation is far from perfect, code could be improved and commented, etc. Releasing things in the current state wouldn’t be too helpful without some decent context and docs, and we wouldn’t be able to support and answer questions without lots of extra work.

Unfortunately we’ve decided not to prioritize that task so far.

We have to make choices and we’ve decided to focus on new Go features, updates, upgrades but also on our latest product Flex, along with everything that happens in the daily life of a company.

I know this isn’t the answer you expected, and I really hope that at some point we’ll be able to work again on Go location search to make it ready to be publicly released. I don’t have any timeline to share, but we’ll of course annonce it here if things change.

Hopefully you’ll be able to move forward with your marketplace with all the other features available (and the new ones recently added) and/or consider building your own service for this (or use code from others if they are willing to share it)!


I can customise it for you. I have integrated in several marketplaces.


Location search uses a different search engine called Zappy which is still unavailable to opensource community, but it doesn’t mean you can’t use location search in opensource version,

using this patch https://github.com/sharetribe/sharetribe/pull/3256 you can make Sphinx (currently available search engine) work for location search

Apply patch:

wget https://patch-diff.githubusercontent.com/raw/sharetribe/sharetribe/pull/3256.patch 
patch -p1 <3256.patch

after applying the patch do

RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake ts:stop
RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake ts:rebuild
#restart server
#restart delayed jobs

More details at https://www.sharetribe.com/community/t/external-search-in-use-problem

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Hello Mo. Can you drop me an e-mail? raduvldsv@yahoo.com

I have tried the patch, and the sphinx engine is working well.

There is still a bug (after I activated the location search in the admin panel:

  • I can search for locations. This works.
  • But when viewing the results, I can only see then when clicking on the MAP.
  • By switching to GRID or LIST view, I do not see the results anymore, but I get the error message (on the website), that the search is not working at the moment with no search results.

Any idea what the problem could be?