Use video on listings


Creating Sharetribe listings it is possible to add pictures, but does anyone have succesfully made it possible to use videos on listings? Either local from the server, or from a Youtube integration?


Hey Morten!

By default, all YouTube links create automatically embedded YouTube videos. Do you mean that you’d like to use something else? Or other providers? Or store your own videos from providers?

Hi Thomas,

No actual Youtube Links to create embedded videos would be fine. I am just unsure how to use that feature on the listing? Do you mean to put links in the description of a listing?


Hi Thomas,

Thanks for you reply. I see what you mean and creating this embedded youtube video on the description of the listing.

Thank you

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Is it possilbe to add an extra listing just for videos?

So that additionally to the description I can decide where i want the videos to pob up or make different sections of videos as a possibility?

I tried adding a text listing in the shratribe go version and implemented a youtube link. It will only link to youtube but not embed the video on the profile.