The reason why I cannot fully use Sharetribe - The experience of more than 4 platforms

I’ve started some paleforms:

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Unfortunately, I and also my customers/sellers always encounter a few problems.

  1. it is not possible to enter a stock. For example, I want to sell 10 pieces of an article. With every sale, the system wanted to pay back and have only 9, 8, 7 etc. in stock. When the 10 pieces are sold, it should no longer be possible to buy/sell the item.

  2. there are no shipping options. You can only enter shipping costs once. It must be possible to enter at least 3 shipping options: nationwide, within the EU and worldwide. Depending on the location of the seller and the buyer, an option should be automatically selected during the ordering process.

  3. in Germany the basic price must be maintained for legal reasons. If I sell a bottle with 70 millilitres and one with 50 millilitres, the basic price of 100 millilitres must be listed for each item, otherwise the seller will have problems.

I really like Sharetribe very much!
It is one of the easiest to use systems on the market.
Unfortunately I can’t realize my ideas because of the two points mentioned above and have to change to another platform provider. I think that is a great pity.

I hope that some Sharetribe responsibles will read this and possibly offer a solution in the short term (without additional costs).


Here are the other ones:

@ the whole Sharetribe-Team incl. Juho Makkonen :slightly_smiling_face:

I can very well imagine being available as an external consultant as I get a lot of feedback from customers and have a very good understanding of UX and UI.

Hey @fototrop,

and thanks a lot for sharing your experience!

Indeed, right now with Sharetribe (both Go and Flex), we mostly focus on marketplace for services and rental experiences.

Product marketplaces offer great opportunities too, and shipping + stock are key for such idea. We hope to be able to better support them in the future, however I don’t have an exact timeline to share.

But the good thing is that with Go and the Community Edition, this is something you can customize at your own pace! Of course that requires a bit of time, technical skills and investment but you don’t have to re-do everything else :wink:

I know that many others have customized Go to better support their product marketplace idea. Hopefully others will be able to share their solution and open-source their own customization to help you move forward faster!

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Thanks, Thomas and Soerensen. I love Sharetribe and have worked with colleagues to create some nice customizations for our ShareOregon community-minded project, such as an Events view with calendar and thumbnail-images/posts of nearby things to do. I greatly appreciate this open-source platform and feel that it really is making the world a better place and that it can be customized for any e-purpose.

Soerensen: If you need help customizing Sharetribe to add those features, I recommend Ali Hassan, who has helped with ShareOregon: .

And Ali let me know that he can also sell this site that was created custom for a client that never paid him:

Best of luck and thanks again for your incredible efforts through the years, Thomas and team! :clap: :guitar: :star:

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