Shopping Cart in Sharetribe Open Source :)

Hi there,

Does anyone ever tried to implement a Shopping Cart over Sharetribe Open Source?

The point is that it’s really convenient when you have to rent or buy one product or service but when it comes to a list I can feel the friction in the payment process as you have to indicate your credit card numbers for each. :confused:

Let me know. :wink:


Haha, no replies to this question since July 2018. Hello sharetribe, are you there? Do you care? We are desperate for a cart too and are trying to figure out what our next move is.
Curious why a cart is not implemented or will be implemented on Sharetribe. If you you could answer the question directly then we could easily decide if we are made for each other.
Best, from a sharetribe want to be user.

Hey Christian!

As you’ve noticed, the forum is a place for users of the Community Edition to discuss with other peers. We, Sharetribe, don’t offer support for the Community Edition even though you can see that we reply and participate to many discussions here.

It’s unfortunate that no one has replied to Anthony’s question to share their own experience, but hopefully more people will notice this thread thanks to your new message!

Right now, we are not working on a shopping cart feature. I don’t think we will build this in the near future. If we build such feature, we’ll of course announce it but I don’t have any timeline to share.

If this is key for your marketplace (sounds like it!), and if no other user of the Community Edition is willing to give or sell their own implementation, it’s a good idea to build that customization yourself. If you prefer not to, then Sharetribe Go is probably not the best fit for your marketplace business.

Hopefully this helps, keep us posted about your progress!

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I can understand why Sharetribe team doesn’t build any cart.
This product is intend for renting and services marketplace mostly and a shopping cart is a feature for selling marketplace.
Even thought you can still build this kind of business model out of sharetribe I don’t think indeed it’s the best fit in most cases :wink:
When we made our value proposition evolved we realized taht it was not something important anymore.

Yes, we have recently implemented it. Contact me at arvindcr at gmail.

Yes, we have recently implemented it. If interested, you can contact me at arvindcr at gmail.