Is there still no way to sync Sharetribe calendar with iCal or ANY 3rd party calendar?

Sharetribe, people have been asking you since 2017-2018, why can we not sync booking calendars with other 3rd party calendars? Now in 2021 I am still asking, why can I not sync marketplace booking calendars? Seems pretty basic. I don’t really have a use for sharetribe service without this basic function because no marketplace operates in a vacuum. please address this issue it has been many years.

Thanks for your candid input, Joe.

Well, believe it or not, it’s actually not a request that we see so often, compared to other features. It’s definitely something that would make sense, and your point about operating in a vacuum is valid. But so far, it simply hasn’t made it to the top of our list and priorities.

If you’re using the Community Edition of Sharetribe Go yourself, this is definitely something you can build, of course. And if anyone else reading this has built something on that front, hopefully they’ll give back to the community and share their approach, if not their code :slight_smile: