I am looking for a sharetribe developer to upgrade my current website

Business Requirements Document

Website: www.wezon.sharetribe.com

I am looking for a full stack developer that has 5+ years of experience with Ruby on Rails framework with extensive experience developing specifically Sharetribe websites. Has proven experience migrating sites to their own servers, performing both front and back end upgrades


Payment : Payment gateway integration (receiving and sending)

User Experience : Has an understanding of how to build a smooth & intuitive website navigation

Design : An extreme attention to detail and the ability to design pages that offer a consistent experience on various mobile devices.

Communication : Fluent in English and is very good with explaining all tasks performedk

Professional: Must be able to provide a presentation document explaining experience, your methodology, clear pricing

Future State


The ability for the host to offer a discount based on the length of the booking. Example: A host can set discounts such that if the number of days for a reservation is 10< X<30, then discount rate to be applied = 5%, or if number or days for a reservation is 30<X then discount rate to be applied = 15%

The ability for the host to run promotions at any time Example: A host wants to offer a 25% off sale during the entire month of October.

Currency Display

Multicurrency price display based on the location of the user. Stripe displays prices in $ but I would like for users to be able to also see prices displayed in the currency where they are located.

Car Rental Booking Process

The ability to add a driver to a listing and for the price change to be reflected automatically. Example: Display “Add Driver” button on the listing page so that when a user presses it, it shows the additional price that the user will pay for the driver.

Tour Guides Booking Process

The ability to create an incremental cost for every additional guest. Example: Current state on sharetribe is the following: if the minimum cost for a trip is $200 the system is built to charge $200 per traveler. I want the Tour Operator to be able set a minimum rate for 1 person and a separate rate for each additional person that wants to book the trip


Admin should be able to receive a copy of all booking requests

Add offline messaging capacities backup for booking request alert


Display reviews below the listing

Current State: Reviews are currently not displayed on a specific listing instead they are displayed on the profile of the host.

Future State: A customer’s review should be displayed on a specific listing. We can have both options available.

Home Page Display Complete Makeover (Mockups Available)

Current state: All services are displayed on the homepage at once

Future State: The Home page will have an icon that corresponds to each service that Wezon offers. A user will need to select an icon that corresponds to the service he/she is looking for. As you can see below the “Homes” icon will display Destination, Check in, Check Out and Number traveler underneath.

Mockups Available on Trello: Page 1 (Homepage) and Page 2 of the booking process


Current State: Wezon is unable to send payments to service providers that have bank accounts in Africa through stripe.

Future State: Integration of an additional payment gateway that allows sending payments to suppliers with African bank accounts.

Integration of an additional payment gateway to receive payments as well because Stripe currently controls all the payment process of all the accounts that are created on Sharetribe. I would like sharetribe users to be able to choose the option to either use their bank accounts (if the bank account is issued by countries members of the EU, US) or select the Wezon default bank account to receive payments if their bank is based in Africa.

Trello Link available

Feel free to contact me if you meet the profile

I highly recommend Konstatin and his team from Roobykon. https://roobykon.com/

They have done great work for me.

Good luck!

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Thank you Marie. I believe I have reached out to them in the past. They are bit expensive for my budget. Do you mind showing me the website they’ve built for you?

+1 about Roobykon, good to hear that you had a great experience with them, @twicestitched! We’ve been working with them and things have been great. I think they often offer very competitive prices, given that they have lots of experience and insights to share and make sure a project will go through.

We, at Sharetribe, have also worked closely with IT House, that we recommend too.

Both companies are also really familiar with Sharetribe Flex. Did you have a chance to consider it for your marketplace idea, @Ayite? And about your latest question, what kind of budget do you have in mind?

We’ve had clients like Drivelah build successful car rental marketplaces on Flex and it might be able to help you too. Flex is designed so that you save money on core marketplace features while building a custom platform, especially for bookings. Indeed, Flex is not yet ideal for supporting payments in non-Stripe supported regions; however, depending on your needs, you might be able to integrate another payment gateway too.

Let us know if you have considered Flex and whether you have any questions about it. It’d be great to hear from you even if you’d prefer to use Go Community Edition. We built Flex with entrepreneurs like you in mind, so understanding where Flex might be falling short of your expectations and needs would be tremendously helpful.

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Hi Thomas,

I have a low budget and very specific requirements. I was looking to stay under $15/hr for dev cost. I have considered Flex but the monthly cost is too high for me at the moment. I have been in talks with people at Roobykon but the Dev rates were about $25 to $30/hr

Hello Ayite,

Martins from IT House (ithouse.io) here.
A short side note about your preferred hourly rate - you can try to find a freelancer who could agree on it, but it is a relatively low rate. Also, I would think twice before deciding to go with a freelancer as in that case, you need to have a strong Product Owner on your side who is also quite technical. Going with an agency is the best solution as they offer the necessary support. You can be sure you will get the requested features.

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I agree they were a little high but they did it right the first time and undid the bad work I paid someone less to do. Well worth it for me.


Hello Martins,

How are you? Thank for your reply? What is your hourly rate ? I had reached out to your company once and I was given an approximate quote by Evija of 2500 Euros for a payment gateway migration + moving to a self hosted version. That sounded quite expensive to me.

Hi @Ayite,

Happy to hear your interest in our service and thanks for your honest feedback.

To not run into a hard manageable bureaucracy machine and keep back-office costs low we work at a flat rate with all of our customers. Feel free to reach out to us via mail where we can share our hourly rate and all other information.

Together with this rate comes values like:

  1. 100% transparent.
  2. Only senior-level developers.
  3. Great domain-knowledge. We have been in e-commerce for the last 15 years and build plantly marketplaces.
  4. For the last 3 years, we help the Sharetribe core team to develop their MVP product Sharetribe Go.
  5. We have been doing software development last 20 years and most likely will do another 20 at least so you can count on us.

I feel sorry that you find our offer too expensive and hope you manage to find a solution that suits you better.


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