How does stripe payment work?

If a buyer enters their card info and pays online the money goes to the seller. The seller accepts the payment, but how can the buyer guarantee that they will receive their item?

Not sure how this works. Can anyone explain to me?

Hey Drew!

Well, of course, anything could happen and this is why it’s key to build trust in your marketplace. It’s important that you, as the marketplace operator, show that you’re here, always, to help your users if anything happens.

A great feature with Stripe is that it holds funds. So after the payment has been made, the money isn’t sent to the seller immediately. You can learn more about this at

So if anything happen, the buyer still has a chance, before the money is transferred, to report the issue, dispute the transaction. You can then settle the dispute and decide what to do, after you’ve learned more from each party.

Hopefully this helps!

Thank you for the explaination!

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