File Upload for assignments on Sharetribe Go

I am looking for a way for clients to upload a file to my marketplace when they post an assignment, like the assignment specification and scope. Is such functionality included? I currently cannot find it under categories.


Hey @KarlPE!

Are you using the Community Edition, on your own servers? Or the hosted version (your marketplace address has If the latter, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team via the chat widget in your Admin panel.

Right now, there isn’t such feature to support file uploads. Have you heard from your buyers that this is something key for them to use your marketplace? As an alternative, you could, for example, ask (through a listing field) for a link where that file is hosted (Google Drive, Dropbox…) or advise users to list details in the listing description.

If you are using Go on your own servers, this is something you can develop, of course. However unfortunately I don’t have any insights to share about where to start, from a technical standpoint.

Hopefully this helps!

Hello Thomas,

I am using the hosted version. Basically I expect people to be rather specific in their requirements on the platform, so I was hoping to use templates that they will fill in and then post as a specification. Using an external solution simply isn’t professional in this case, and competing sites such as Jungleworks Husky has this functionality so it might be something to look into.


Hey Karl, and thanks for the details!

Got it. Can you share some example of fields from that template that you were not able to add through listing fields? Or is it more about the layout of that requirements form? Have your users expressed that they’d prefer something formatted differently?

And as you’ve mentioned, of course don’t hesitate to compare other solutions too, if they better fit your needs! Hopefully you’ll be able to move forward with your business idea, whatever the tool you use :slight_smile: