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Sharetribe Go Affiliate Program

The Sharetribe Go Affiliate Program is meant for anyone interested in promoting Sharetribe. Sharetribe affiliate partners get a commission for customers who they direct to Sharetribe and who sign up for a paid Sharetribe Go plan. Referral fees don't apply to other Sharetribe products than Sharetribe Go.

To sign up, head over to

How does it work?

Affiliate programs are relatively straightforward, and the Sharetribe Go Affiliate Program is no exception:

  1. Sign up for the Go affiliate program to receive your affiliate links and Sharetribe ad banners. Sign up at
  2. Promote Sharetribe Go. You can, for example, write about Sharetribe in a blog post and direct users to Sharetribe using your affiliate link or ad banners.
  3. Profit! When users who have clicked your affiliate link or ad banners sign up for a Sharetribe Go paid plan, you get a commission. Payments are made using PayPal.

How much is the commission?

Commission overview by plan & billing period

Sharetribe affiliate payout

* Period: the period at which we pay out the commission, which is equal to the referred customer's billing period. Monthly plan: every month. Semi-annual plan: every 6 months. For up-to-date prices, visit the pricing page.

We pay you 10% of what the referred customer pays Sharetribe during their first 12 months as a Sharetribe Go customer.

Monthly Plans

Here the customer pays per month, and you earn the 10% commission per month, for every month of their first year at Sharetribe.

Example: If your referred customer signs up for a monthly Pro plan of Sharetribe Go, you will receive $14.90 for the first month, then another $14.90 for their second month and so on, potentially adding up to $178.80 (12x $14.90)

Semi-annual plans

Here the customer pays for 6 months upfront, for a reduced price, and you earn the 10% commission for 6 months at once.

Example: If your referred customer signs up for a semi-annual Pro plan of Sharetribe Go, you will receive $71.40 in the first month, and then an additional $71.40 once the customer renews their subscription after 6 months. The total potential commission for this customer is then $142.80 (2 x $71.40)

You can review Sharetribe Go pricing at the pricing page.

Is there something else I should know?

Below are the key details of the Sharetribe Go Affiliate Program:

  • A customer signup is counted as a referral if the customer signs up for a paid plan of Sharetribe Go within 90 days of clicking your affiliate referral link and uses the same browser (cookie).
  • Commissions are paid for Sharetribe Go paying customers. Trial signups do not generate commissions.
  • Commission is paid based on the subscription price before VAT. Commission is not paid for cancelled or refunded payments.
  • Commissions are paid via PayPal. A valid PayPal account is required for the program.
  • Payments are made on the 10th day of the following month, or on the next open business day.
  • The program currently provides affiliate links and many different Sharetribe banner ads.
  • Where can I find the small print?

    The full terms and conditions of the program can be found on the sign-up page:

    Become an affiliate